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Comment Re:relative wealth (Score 2) 545

Land. That is the limiting factor there. There will always be a demand for Sq Ft-age based on family size and location; especially for Urbanites. There's no getting around that unless you can built vertically on the cheap, move people into space, or cull the human population.

If going by the axiom of "What cannot go on forever, won't", than by that token, the Malthusianists win the argument.

Comment Re:So lock the port. (Score 1) 538

After a certain point, doesn't it take longer to charge from say 90% to 100% vs the 70% to 90%?. Perhaps these charging stations should only allow for 80% to 85% capacity before allowing another driver to use the plug. Or better yet, the driver has their home address coded in that will pre-calculate the amount needed to get home. So for example, if you only need 20% to get home, it will only charge up to 30% as a precaution before the plug is free for another driver. The owner can then charge the rest when he/she gets home.

Comment Re:Artificial superintelligence (Score 1) 265

Yes, at some point Super AI will supplant humanity's limitation and perform all discovery and innovation far beyond the reaches of our own capability. I would imagine a conversation between man and machine would go something like this..

Man: "Machine, can you innovate and modify our DNA to improve our species? We want to live longer, be stronger, and think smarter."
Machine: "Human, your request is limited by your physiology governed by the laws of physics. Shed your flesh and embrace the vessel of new construction based on electrons and photons."

Comment Re:We are screwed. (Score 2) 55

I'm not worried. New equipment will be stamped out and installed into existing towers. Nothing new here as that's how it always happens. If the laws of physics become an impediment, so be it; the limitation will set expectation and thus the industry will adapt. Meaning, don't expect 8k or 16k video formats streaming over cellular service anytime soon.

The new hotness will be voice over WiFi anyways. Xfinity (Comcast) already has a large WiFi router install base already, each one broadcast the same public SSID. The idea is that you can roam between areas with Xfinity and route all traffic through their network and not my cellular provider. In fact, I do that already with my familiar places I often visit. No need for a 6GB monthly plan. And unless you're a road-warrior, there's no need for you to have one either.

Comment Re:I don't think it will mean much (Score 1) 203

A vehicle won't be 100% autonomous, and least not for the foreseeable future. Meaning, there's still a steering wheel and peddles for human interaction. So until those are removed, expect to still pay insurance for the vehicle. Even still, you have other natural disasters that can total a vehicle while parked, hail, floords, landslides, theft...etc.

Most like these newer vehicles that employ autonomous driving will allow for auto insurance at a reduced rate for the owner. In fact, in the insurance business there's all sorts of factors that go into your rate such as the type of car, age of driver, location, and safety features based on make/model.

Comment Re:Why not just lock down the radio portion? (Score 1) 143

I suspect that what the parent stated would be the most likely path taken; two systems partitioned off the OSI layer stack. As such, we're taking about government mandates. Don't discount legislation forcing a two function/chip solution in the box. The question is how will existing hardware be grandfathered into the new rules. Meaning, can end-users resell back on the market again? Or would device ownership of these older units remained locked or disposed of at the end of life?

Comment Re:Isn't it widely accepted... (Score 2) 141

So the surface of Venus is over 460c. I would think, but do not know, that all that solar energy got absorbed into the crust combined with the exothermic reaction in it's core might be enough for rapid crust recycling? Or to ask the question: Just where does the majority of the energy come from that melts all that rock; the core or sun?

Comment Re:Faulty logic (Score 1) 209

This! Although aside from RAM and Storage upgrades, components do wear out; specifically the PSU and electrolytic capacitors. And of course, Windows XP has been deprecated and eventually Windows 7 too (but not for quite awhile now). So at some point, the computer is going to be replaced even if the owner is pleased with the existing performance.

Comment Re:I thought upgrading to 16GB would help (Score 1) 209

Latest version of Chrome is total shit on Linux.

Is there a browser that isn't total shit? Seriously, they're all fucking shit, on any OS! I'm getting tired of telling people of the following "Crashed in Chrome? Try Firefox, or IE" or "Something else just crashed in Firefox, go back to Chrome" and lastly, "That's a compatibility issue within the site, just keep both browsers open for those two different websites".

Standards? What fucking standards??!

Comment Re:Sounds like I need to buy memory... (Score 1) 209

With regards to the corporate world: The trend for the last year is to purchase all new PCs with 8GB or RAM. Honestly 4GB is the bare minimum once you factor in Windows, Anti-Virus, running browser, and an open MS Office document. And being that you don't just find machines with 6GB, the next best option is to double for 8GB.

OTOH, if someone wants to upgrade their existing machine, I recommend going to 16GB. My time to scope part, install, and validate + the cost you pay for the part = not worth going to 8GB of you plan on keeping the computer around for its remaining lifespan. Don't get me wrong here, I'll sell and install the 8GB kit for you if that's what you really want. In fact, it might be all that's needed if you have free slots available vs pulling all existing modules and swapping with new.

For Adobe junkies, CAD-o-holics, and Devs, You get 32GB. Anything beyond that and you're looking at Xeon based architecture; which BTW is a whole other ball game as ECC memory isn't cheap in comparison.

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