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Comment Re:Truck Stops, Gas Stations, etc (Score 2) 879 879

For being a convenient store, it's pretty damn inconvenient to walk through 109 degree weather all the way and back for a damn receipt. I'd like to track fuel milage with paper, but I'm not going to sweat my balls off to get it either. Hey, it's my choice. So it's mutual between me and the store. But if you really want my attention to come inside, BE HONEST ABOUT YOUR INTENTIONS. I dunno, say, offer promo or discount for taking the receipt inside. But if you're not going to print my receipt when I asked it to do so.

Normally I shrug this stuff off as strange and an unusual intermittent issue. But i've seen this behavior happen all too often. It's a scam-o-ramma.

Comment Re:Simpler? (Score 1) 67 67

Wouldn't it be a lot easier to mount sensors on stop lights or buildings

Biased much?! Because sniffing for C02 will be at the highest when cars accelerate from a red light to green. And that's not a true representative amount as such concentrations will dissipate into the atmosphere. And if you're going to take samples of a downtown area like NY, it's preferred that you measure indoor air quality for traces gases generated from the outside anyways to validate overall concentration that effect daily health; most people stay in climate control surroundings in the city.

Comment Re:Truck Stops, Gas Stations, etc (Score 4, Interesting) 879 879

Randomly, the pump will display "please see register for receipt" upon selecting the print option. I've see it being random as the person after me (a friend), had his receipt print just fine. It's a fucking scam to lure people into the store and buy shit.

Comment Re:Streaming doesn't work (Score 1) 170 170

No, this lust for streaming is really for cloud content providers. The idea that you have a thin-client gaming console and the hardware is virtual to the player. Want to upgrade your experience with more CPU cycles and better video? Easy, make a one-time payment and add a virtual upgrade module. Or perhaps you can play different games at different "experience index levels" which really amps up the back-end hardware requirement. It's how the infrastructure gets paid for.

I don't mind the above model in some instances. Effectively, the console capability grows with the backend upgrades. But, let's not be under false understanding of what service model streaming is really for; and the consumer should be made aware of non-tangble upgrades and virtual hardware purchases.

Comment Re:A much more efficient air conditioner, too? (Score 1) 238 238

8500 BTU might cool a room reasonably well, but its not going to provide whole-house cooling, either, and would require a pretty large battery array to run off battery. It might make sense for some kind of supplemental cooling setup where it ran direct off solar panels.

Translation: Turn your detached garage attic into a whole new room. Place solar panels on the roof and cool it with a Sharp Air Conditioner. With renting, you can now pay back your investment and then some. Winning!

Comment Re:And when she reneges (Score 0) 571 571

Pretty much. Although the idea of Bernie Sanders as another FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt) frankly scares the hell out of me. We have so many poor immigrants flooding into our country that we're already heading towards another populist South American style form of corruption. Think Venezuela or Argentina; gimme gimme gimme followed by all those assholes in office that promise to deliver, but can't.

Fact is, the math doesn't lie. The Democrats will win. Question is, how radical and populist will the next POTUS and congress be this election before the next one causes total implosion?

Comment Re:DO NOT WANT (Score 1) 75 75

I could be wrong here, but I thought nVidia drivers leveraged the capabilities of the CPU GPU subsystem for co-processing in symbiotic fashion. Meaning, dedicated GPU performance in enhanced with the Intel integrated graphics even if you're not directly using it. Is that not the case?

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