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1. Most people don't know how to do what you suggest. But yes, simply writing them all down with pin and paper is trivial. The problem with BYOD is that when you collect business contacts on business time, ostensibly is their intellectual property and not yours. Well, at least from the companies perspective and a tenuous argument at that. None the less they will go to great lengths to protect it if given the proper tools. Which brings me to the next item.

2. Microsoft Exchange. I know that it's an all or nothing deal with both iPhone and Android.

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Also it keeps salesman from walking away with a copy of e-mail and contacts when they're no longer employed. While it's SOP IT policy to perform a remote wipe of the cell phone, it's still comes down to the nasty discussion of "hey assholes, you just erased all the photos of my family and sons birthday party (personal phone)". Yup, you can't just can't remote wipe the e-mail account; it's all or nothing!

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You must be oblivious to the amount of debt and inflation around you. That, and el presidente is about to enable millions of illegal immigrants the ability to work on the cheap and vote themselves "free" shit. Oh, and that throws the entire black community under the bus whom are already competing for jobs of the same ability. Meanwhile, they send over a net 20+ billion in wealth (per year) from the US compounding the hemorrhaging effect on the economy.

What can't go on forever won't go on forever.

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I won't convert, and for her to do the same would at minimum be disowned by her family, or at worst "honor killed". They're not the most tolerant of the bunch. Besides, I prefer women that weren't conditioned to be nothing more than "human ovens to bake loaves". That relationship would get pretty boring pretty fast.

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Texas doesn't have a state income tax. As such we pay for ours in the form of high property taxes. For the Houston are and surrounding (Katy), taxes got hiked 15% in one year for some people. So whether you've owned the house for 20 years (and paid off) or 1, the taxes alone could outstrip what you make a year, thus forcing you to relocate or get a better paying job. In theory, it's a self correcting system. You can't have lower income people not afford to live near work that's viable to being able to live. So either property values in some areas stagnate, or they raise with wage inflation. Right now in Houston, it's too expensive for the solid middle and lower middle class to have a family. That's because of a combination of foreign Chinese investment (Sugar Land for example) and people from wealthier states relocating and buying a home 100% in cash with room to buy a car or two. If you've lived in Houston all your life working Houston wage rates, you can't compete against that as a first-time homebuyer.

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The police don't want war. In fact, they typically go after the low hanging fruit in offenders. You could be downloading an illegal copy of a movie from Starbucks and be busted while simultaneously a drug addict and a pimp are engaged in some sort of dispute across the street. Yeah, fuck that. Too much trouble. But hey, easy quota right?

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