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Comment: Re:This move is rational for a public company (Score 1) 620

by DigiShaman (#49593809) Attached to: Disney Replaces Longtime IT Staff With H-1B Workers

I actually kinda feel more concerned for the H1Bs that will be tending to their fires and burning through their lives at both ends.

Don't. It will simply crash and burn and a new site/platform will be rebuilt from the ground up. They'll justify it via overall cost savings they now have with outsourced IT.

Comment: Re:Kill the entire H1B program (Score 1) 620

by DigiShaman (#49592901) Attached to: Disney Replaces Longtime IT Staff With H-1B Workers

Actually, anti-H1B is progressive. The problem here is that the progressive moment in government has turned fascist. The Republican party is no better in this regard, they just have a different set of economic interests.

My prediction, the first candidate that's publicly Anti-H1B will get a huge amount of attention by the public; more so if there's a more libertarian bent. Effectively, both the Tea Party and Coffee Party are conservative and progressive offshoots, but both lean libertarian. This is where the grassroots of America is heading; libertarian with American interests first.

Comment: Re: gosh (Score 1) 161

by DigiShaman (#49586009) Attached to: The United States Just Might Be Iran's Favorite New Nuclear Supplier

Your second point is valid with regards to delivery. But the first one, please see Starfish Prime. We all know fragile the NE electric grid is. Knock that offline, and it will be a very bad week, if not year. And then there's the introduction to the IC. Depending on strength, an EMP could fry gates on the chip. Now imagine what isn't controlled with circuit boards complete with CPU and RAM ICs. It's too frightening to think about the logistics involved in get all that replaced. Without running water pumps and electricity, it would make Katrina look like a walk in the park.

Comment: Re: Well... (Score 1) 107

by DigiShaman (#49582543) Attached to: Russian Cargo Spacehip Declared Lost

The Apple Watch just suffered a massive setback. There's a component failure that's traced to China. Japanese side seems just fine.

Ok, so lives weren't directly on the line, but the livelyhood of the employees were. When you fuckup with Apple, there are no second chances. In fact, this has to anger CCP officials very much.

Taking action after the fact means squat; especially if it's a habitual cultural attitude against excellence and quality.

Comment: Re:GPS (Score 1) 100

by DigiShaman (#49568037) Attached to: A Cheap, Ubiquitous Earthquake Warning System

Battery drain would be a huge issue depending on frequency and time the results collected and uploaded. Though starting with the iPhone5s, the M7 was introduced which is a dedicated co-processor specifically for monitoring and processing accelerometer based data. So, that should help. And being in California, one can assume the quick adoption of iPhone tech into the public upon release. It is silicon valley after all. Anyways, a phone laying flat on a table or desk should be helpful, though filtering out the SNR could be more troublesome with people causing the vibrations on said table in the first place.

BTW, those sensors are pretty sensitive. Check out an app called SensorKinetics and see for yourself what they're capable. I was rather amazed myself.

Comment: Re:With the best will in the world... (Score 1) 480

Solve the infrastructure, charging speed, and capacity (range), then we can talk about EVs. Otherwise, you're catering to the urbanite of which many can already walk and take public transportation in a densely populated city already.

Hybrid vehicles work fine. In fact, you don't really need a large capacity for improved fuel efficiency. You just need enough capacity to capture regenerative braking and accelerate from a stop. Just trade out the battery pack for super capacitors; once they become cost effective of course.

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