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Comment: Re:I wonder.... (Score 1) 187

by DickBreath (#48499499) Attached to: Music Publishers Sue Cox Communications Over Piracy
SCO is not actually dead. It's case is alive and well in the Utah court. It is currently in Judge Nuffer's court. The parties are waiting for him to respond to the latest motion (which was so long ago, I don't actually remember when the motion was made).

While it is true that SCO may have no money, no friends, no ownership of copyrights, no standing to have sued IBM, and no brains; they technically still exist in a state of bankruptcy, and their court case is active.

We should expect to see some action in SCO's case in the Utah court within, I'd say, within no more than one quarter of a galactic turn. So please be patient waiting on Judge Nuffer to make a decision. I'm sure he is diligently giving the matter all of the careful attention that it deserves.

Comment: Small sample sizes, and Correlation IS causation (Score 5, Funny) 246

by DickBreath (#48402835) Attached to: Big Talk About Small Samples
If you like to use sample sizes that are too small, then I would like to interest you in another useful technique.

Correlation is causation.

For example:

The tides cause the moon. The correlation proves it.

Similarly, murder rates are higher in the summer, and ice cream sales are higher in summer months. Therefore ice cream causes murder.

I hope that was helpful.

Comment: Re:X, perhaps? (Score 4, Funny) 399

by DickBreath (#48036487) Attached to: Why did Microsoft skip Windows 9?
Windows OS X -- Mount'n Lyin'
Windows OS X -- Leo Pard
Windows OS X -- Snowl Epard

(sorry, the 1st one, Mount'n Lyin' brazenly copied from a comment on Ars)

Or as I've heard suggested elsewhere, Microsoft could use the <adjective> <animal> naming convention:
Abscessed Albatross
Bubonic Bat
Chlamydic Chigger
Dyspeptic Deertick
. . . .
Masturbating Monkey

Buy why would Microsoft scrap Windows 9 and go to Windows 10?

Because Microsoft had promised Windows 9 as a free upgrade to (some) Windows 8 users, and viewed this as a way to screw over Windows 8 users a second time. (cue evil laughter and mustache twirling)

Notice Windows 9 on Wikipedia now redirects to Windows 10.

Linux to Microsoft: Changing the name or the graphics won't make you cool.
Apple to Microsoft: Culture is more than something that grows in your ears.

Comment: Re:Good news for Spacex (Score 1) 24

by DickBreath (#48009083) Attached to: NASA Expands Commercial Space Program
You step on the accelerator. Chemical reactions occur within thousands of small cells, instantly releasing vast amounts of pent up energy as huge volumes of electrons are forced through the path of least resistance through the motors that propel the vehicle. The huge torque of electric motors causes sudden intense acceleration that pushes you back in your seat. The car gains speed. Faster. Faster.

Finally, it reaches MECO1 and the back half of the car falls away and gently glides back to earth to soft land vertically at the launch pad.

Long computations which yield zero are probably all for naught.