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The Almighty Buck

+ - AskSlashdot: Crisis

Submitted by Dice Fivefold
Dice Fivefold writes: Whos fault is the current US financial crisis?

Not part of submission:

It's simple question that I think would lead to a nice discussion. This is just a filler text to let the submission through the slashdot system.


+ - Microsoft invents the SearchPet

Submitted by Dice Fivefold
Dice Fivefold writes: As the struggle to gain market share in search continues, Microsoft adds brave new features to their Live search engine. Inspired by the past success with Clippy, they now introduce intelligent agents to help users search the web. The agents are called SearchPets. These are fully customizable and can be shared among users. The results are nothing short of amazing, for example:
Here, as you type in your search request, Hitler jumps up and down in happy excitement.
Or here (NSFW), you get a tip from the male reproductive organ, of which boxes to tic.
Is this new technology needed to be able to compete in search today? Will it take down Google?

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