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Comment: IoT will need a protocol similar (Score 1) 254

by Dharkfiber (#47831845) Attached to: UCLA, CIsco & More Launch Consortium To Replace TCP/IP
It isn't that TCP/IP won't scale to this but it is extremely tough to make it translate TCP/IP to consumers. A translation protocol is pretty necessary. This can be done with SDN or a made-up protocol. This still sounds like a way that Cisco wants to make itself relevant again. However, I don't see the need to bake in session with layer 3 which is seems like they are doing. It would be better to leave the OSI model as is and create something like a IP-NG implementation that would define application and device fields into the protocol (right now we only have UIDs like MAC).

Comment: Especially since they have so much to gain... (Score 2) 135

by Dharkfiber (#47172823) Attached to: Free Wi-Fi Coming To Atlanta's Airport
I work for a hardware vendor (Fortinet) and we are currently selling our AP infrastructure like hotcakes when we partner with companies like Kiana. Imagine a WiFi sensor network that works like the ad sensors in Minority Report. So when you walk by a retailer using the free wifi and browsing we can inject an ad for a free smoothy or a discount beer (that is the evil side). The good side is that when you enter the airport we have you stored in the MAC database and we can see when you are checking in an in teh security line so if you are late for your flight they can have TSA hurry you along to get on your flight on time.

Comment: Re:Pretend you're the CIO not the IT guy (Score 1) 114

by Dharkfiber (#38630978) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Documenting Scattered Sites and Systems?
To expound on this idea, the best thing to do is create an org chart that you can fill in of there are consultant brought in. Classically, you will wan to pull together these disjointed sites with a single LDAP directory (eventually if not now maybe later). These directories should mimic your org chart and locations to some logical degree. Your directory structure should mimic this LDAP dir as well. This can help you create role based security, deploy/manage applications, and organize security accordingly. Failing something sophisticated like that, rely on the OSI model - physical, datalink, network, etc.

Comment: The Carpenter knows less about the tools than... (Score 1) 349

by Dharkfiber (#38501918) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is E-Learning a Viable Option?
the apprentice. The problem here is that the children have it right. The best way to learn through electronic means is to 'gamify' it. You can build your class to be very much like an IT project. This means you can give a clear objective but allow them many ways to the end point, but ultimately, through a points/milestones/leveling system, you can have them accomplish a task. The other thing the kids (and IT people know) is that you must allow some. cyber-loafing for some creative and personal exploration. If you want this to be useful, the teacher must make it a way for the kids to have fun and stay within the bounds of the classroom. I say this be because my sister-in-law in Katy Texas is already doing this in her classroom with a positive feedback loop in progress.

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howardcurtis49 (2386810) writes "The R4 gold is a device that can store commercial as well as home brew games for the Nintendo DS consoles. We were looking at first manufactured in 2007 in addition to became very successful with gamers. Software and hardware upgrades immediately followed maintain with modifications intentionally put in place by Nintendo.

The very first R4 gold designed by several grouped software developers who known as themselves âoeTeam R4â came into being in the year 2007. It was meant to be a storage device for gamers to work their favorite Nintendo DS games for them to play and share them if he or she want without the restrictions the console manufacturer has placed into the game system. This allowed users to even play so-called homebrew games that had been not sanctioned by Manufacturers.
The first version of the R4 gold was produced for less than one year only. The makers having discovered some flaws within the design like a substandard spring mechanism affecting up to 5% of golds produced immediately set out to fix the design having version 2 called R4v2 also released from the waning months of 2007.

The next version of the R4 gold will no longer used a spring mechanism to run the micro-SD gold. Rather, a simple slot was utilized with the back where gamers may manually put the silver in easily. This version became successful and production continued as well as software upgrades until June 2008. As of this moment in its everyday living, the popularity of the actual R4 device spawned a number of other brands that have exclusive features like compatibility for Micro-SHDC golds that has been superior to the R4v2 given it can store up for you to 32GB of data unlike the 2GB that this R4v2 could achieve. Other advanced features of which other brands were offering included a nifty feature called real time save where gamers can save at any time they wished and resume it at their advantage.

By mid 2008 the final software upgrade to version 2 was published and the original design team with the R4 gold went their separate solutions to work on other worthwhile projects just like the M3 and EZ display golds systems. A dedicated following of R4v2 fans still continued making unofficial firmware upgrades with the gold to be appropriate for newer Nintendo games. It was called the YSMenu.

A far more upgraded version of the R4v2 arrived on the scene called R4 SHDC inside May of 2008. This new R4 gold was a response to gamersâ(TM) requests for a fast gold like the R4v2 that is compatible with Micro-SD golds and quite a few importantly has higher storage space capacities. This became by far the most successful version of the R4 device up to now.

Nintendo was growing increasingly concerned about the success of these R4 devices and so released a firmware for his or her newest console called your 1. 4 DSi, which basically made these devices unproductive. This only proved to become temporary setback as newer versions with the R4 gold compatible using the DSi console and their 1. 4 firmware have been released shortly thereafter.

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+ - What is a good OO design and analysis book?

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jrnchimera (558684) writes "I have been programming in procedural languages for many years and now I'm feeling left behind not knowing much about OOP. I'd like to know what resources and books Slashdot readers used to learn the art of designing Object Oriented software systems."

+ - SPAM: Is a Patent Legal professional Vital?

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rufuskelly717 (2378022) writes "Whilst most people today recognize that a patent is necessary to maintain some others from stealing your recommendations, numerous are unclear as to what a patent lawyer does. Here is what to be expecting from a attorney who performs in patent litigation.

The patent software practice is quite intricate and can be tricky to navigate. In order to guarantee that your details is thoroughly secured, the patent attorney will support you walk as a result of the navigation procedure. A great an individual will enable you decipher to nuances of patent law, and make convinced that you fully grasp the regulations as nicely. It is reported that just about every profitable organization launched on a new idea was guarded by a attorney. In other words, the particular person responsible for the creation did not fill out his or her private patent application. The lawyer's aid can be a must have.

Recall, however, that this won't be able to be any generic lawyer. A patent lawyer specializes in a extremely difficult specialty. If you want handle about your recommendations, you have to have to rent a person. This treble-harm coverage is so substantial, that company management should be cautious to avoid developing evidence of internal communications these kinds of as email messages that might be construed later on to point out these kinds of willfulness state-of-mind. On top of that in a lot of situations, it might be suitable for corporations as a make a difference of coverage to discourage searching at issued patents owned by other entities. And when a suspect patent is already known, management should just take careful actions to refer the issue to competent patent counsel for appropriate analysis and opinion.

4. RELYING Solely ON COPYRIGHTS FOR Software package Protection.

Copyright safety in the U.S. and a lot of other countries arises instantly and at nearly no price to protect computer software technologies, these kinds of as pc applications, digital databases, and graphical exhibit screens and connected media. In simple fact, copyright safety is usually rather a ideal usually means to secure significantly digital media this kind of as video and audio creative functions, usually even with no compliance with copyright registration and observe prerequisites. Copyright safety, on the other hand, is legally susceptible to reverse engineering efforts by rivals, throughout which no copyright infringement may well occur when the reverse engineering effects does not outcome in literal copying of the original code, but simply an knowledge of the underlying concepts and features. In this susceptible scenario, most likely patent safety may possibly be a lot more proper to safe any novel algorithm, techniques, and computing apparatus.


During the program normally of joint-growth engineering tasks, strategies may possibly originate from lots of resources, these kinds of as advisors, advisor, staff members, and even buyers. This collaborative situation sets the phase for building intellectual home rights that could be co-owned by numerous parties. And except if the rights of like joint owners are specified up-front, for example by contract terms, then there is a problematic chance that specified events later on may possibly assert not just their partial ownership fascination, but
basically endeavor to offer licensing rights to other third parties or even competitors.

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