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+ - imageshack hacked

Submitted by
DewDude writes: "Apparently a group called The anti-sec Movement has hacked popular image hosting service ImageShack. ImageShack has not yet commented on the images, but they seem to have "replaced" a majority of the images used on web forums with this and moving the actual files to another file name.

Reports on the imageshack forums have been few and not much has been said elsewhere about it, but my own images used on forums were taken over by this."

+ - What's the best source to DVR the Inauguration? 1

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DewDude writes: "Unlike so many people, I have to be at work for the majority, if not all, of the inauguration events tomorrow. Naturally I have a DVR and can record hours of an entire channel (two at the same time in fact); the question is what do I use? I have no shortage of news stations on DirecTV but I also live in the DC area and have what could be unique local coverage of the event. Which one, or two, would you choose to archive for the future?"
The Courts

+ - OiNK.CD admin arrested, site shut down.

Submitted by DewDude
DewDude writes: From Reuters (full article here): "British and Dutch police shut down one of the world's largest sources of illegal pre-release music on Tuesday and arrested a 24-year-old man. The raids in Amsterdam and the northeast English city of Middlesbrough followed a two-year investigation into a members-only Web site,, which allowed users to upload and download albums before their release." This is just another case of rather than fixing the priacy problem, let's play terrorist and attack everyone. As an ex-member living in the US...I'm rather worried about the suits the RIAA is surely going to file.

The best laid plans of mice and men are held up in the legal department.