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Comment: Re:JCVH? (Score 1) 336

by Desperado (#40541815) Attached to: Who's Your Favorite Vampire Hunter?

User Friendly. Now that's going back a ways ... was this before or after the days of "Natalie Portman, naked and petrified and covered in hot grits" troll days? ;-)

no one gives a crap about UID anymore. post something interesting ;-)

Sad, that one can date the /. timeline by the type and quality of the trolls ...

"Get off my LAN" // crotchy old geek

Who misses in Soviet Union, Natalie Portman, Hot Grits, Goatse, First Post etc.?

Not me.

Comment: Re:Now to understand what it means (Score 1) 2416

by Desperado (#40480117) Attached to: Supreme Court: Affordable Care Act Is Constitutional

I already have health insurance. It's expensive and overly complicated, but I do have it. So, will this actually change anything for people like me? Hopefully I won't be picking up the tab for so many others who opted not to buy insurance before getting sick. But otherwise I don't see a huge impact.

Well, there's the part of the act that requires health insurance companies to refund a portion of your premiums if "overhead costs" exceed 80% of gross receipts. That's a good thing, right?

Comment: Re:good (Score 1) 762

by Desperado (#34593914) Attached to: Stargate Universe Cancelled

I'm afraid sci-fi is dead on Syfy. Perhaps it's time to start a new "Science and Science Fiction" channel (to borrow the title from Analog) and restore some of those classic shows like "SF Trader" and "Convention Watch" and "Inside Space".

Heck, I'd be happy to be able to rewatch LEXX and Farscape episodes. Too much frelling drenn on SyFy these days.

United Kingdom

Dogs Can Be Pessimistic 99

Posted by samzenpus
from the dog-in-black dept.
Not that it will change anything, but researchers at Bristol University say that your dog might be a gloom-monger. In addition to the downer dogs, the study also found a few that seemed happy no matter how uncaring the world around them was. "We know that people's emotional states affect their judgments and that happy people are more likely to judge an ambiguous situation positively. What our study has shown is that this applies similarly to dogs," said professor Mike Mendl, an author of the study and head of animal welfare and behavior at Bristol University.

Music By Natural Selection 164

Posted by samzenpus
from the survival-of-the-grooviest dept.
maccallr writes "The DarwinTunes experiment needs you! Using an evolutionary algorithm and the ears of you the general public, we've been evolving a four bar loop that started out as pretty dismal primordial auditory soup and now after >27k ratings and 200 generations is sounding pretty good. Given that the only ingredients are sine waves, we're impressed. We got some coverage in the New Scientist CultureLab blog but now things have gone quiet and we'd really appreciate some Slashdotter idle time. We recently upped the maximum 'genome size' and we think that the music is already benefiting from the change."

+ - In the market for Cray performance? The SGI Octane-> 1

Submitted by
Desperado writes "From the fine press release:

"Octane III is office-ready with a pedestal, one-by-two-foot form factor, whisper-quiet operations, easy-to-use features, low maintenance requirements and support for standard office power outlets. While a typical workstation has only eight cores and moderate memory capacity, the superior design of the Octane III permits up to 80 high-performance cores and nearly 1TB of memory for unparalleled performance.

"Octane III makes supercomputing personal again," said Mark J. Barrenechea, president and CEO of SGI. "Our customers have been asking for office environment products with large core counts that are easy to use and whisper-quiet. Octane III brings all of this to the HPC professional, and enables a new era of personal innovation in strategic science, research, development and visualization."""

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