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Submission + - Participant in Samsung #Galaxy11 ad tweets from his iPhone (appleinsider.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Another Samsung sponsored social media marketing campaign has its pitchmen tweeting from their iPhones:

A global ad campaign to promote Samsung devices, involving soccer stars and an alien invasion story, instead revealed that the fantasy campaign's star manager Franz Beckenbauer tweets from his iPhone, not a Galaxy device.

Just over a month ago, Samsung launched its secretive ad campaign by seating actors in black robes at Chelsea FC, Bayern Munich and Juventus FC soccer games (that's "football" outside the U.S.). The company also financed billboards with secretive symbols and the hashtag "WinnerTakesEarth."


Submission + - Apple App Store claimed to be infested with 'zombie software' (gigaom.com)

Desler writes: In what will possibly take some wind out of the sails of Apple's trumpeted iOS app count, mobile analytics firm Adeven has published a study saying that 2/3rds of all software on the App Store are 'zombies:

Zombies may provide a perennial source of material for mobile games, but no developer actually wants their app to be the walking dead. Nonetheless, according to new mobile analytics and ad verification firm Adeven, that’s what almost two-thirds of the iOS App Store constitutes.
The Berlin company’s Apptrace tool launches on Tuesday and as a result it’s showing off several stats as a way of strutting its stuff. The most interesting one is the revelation that around 400,000 App Store apps get no downloads, are invisible to users and have no ranking.

Submission + - Nokia shareholder revolt on Windows Phone 7 was a (seattlepi.com)

Desler writes: The recently publicized revolt of "nine Nokia shareholders" has been revealed to be a hoax. From the Seattle pi:

Hoax of the week: A group of nine Nokia shareholders have, after one day, abandoned their effort to oust new CEO Stephen Elop and minimize a new partnership with Microsoft to make Windows Phone 7 the main platform for Nokia smart phones.
Turns out, there never were any renegade shareholders. In a tweet today, the person behind the “Nokia Plan B” that grabbed headlines in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News and ZDNet, wrote that “there are no ‘nine young investors,’ just one very bored engineer who really likes his iPhone.


Submission + - Rogue Nokia Investors Call it quits (nokiaplanb.com)

Desler writes: It seems that after only 36 hours of publicity the "rogue" investors have called it quits:

After reviewing the feedback we’ve received from investors on our Plan B, we have decided not to carry on with it. In the last 36 hours we were contacted by hundreds of individual shareholders (owning anywhere from 10 to 400,000 Nokia shares) pledging to support us by proxy voting or by personally attending the AGM. Nevertheless, the responses that we received from institutional investors were not encouraging. These institutions have a fiduciary responsibility to their customers and are legally bared from supporting radical initiatives like seating a bunch of kids on the board of directors. If they do not agree with Nokia’s plans, they are better off simply divesting and putting their money in other companies that better fit their investing strategy (which is exactly what they have been doing).

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