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Comment: Re:Mr Fixit (Score 3, Interesting) 510

by Desler (#46761523) Attached to: How Does Heartbleed Alter the 'Open Source Is Safer' Discussion?

Which is a ridiculous statement to make in this situation. That's like patting your security company on the back for not noticing for two years that someone was secretly stealing money out of your bank vault and they only did something after being told by a third-party that there was a problem. But hey they reacted fast two years after the fact, right?

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by Desler (#46757865) Attached to: Netflix Gets What It Pays For: Comcast Streaming Speeds Skyrocket

Of course, they may be making more cash from this agreement with Netflix...

Of course they do. Otherwise they wouldn't have demanded the payment.

but that's not really a good thing for anyone.

Sure it is: Comcast which was my whole point. Comcast did what made them more money not what would benefit anyone else. And now that Netflix paid up they'll just do it to others.

And, no, I'm not defending Comcast but it's naive to think they would have done anything other than what gets them more money.


The Best Parking Apps You've Never Heard Of and Why You Haven't 163

Posted by samzenpus
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Bennett Haselton writes "If you read no further, use either the BestParking or ParkMe app to search all nearby parking garages for the cheapest spot, based on the time you're arriving and leaving. I'm interested in the question of why so few people know about these apps, how is it that they've been partially crowded out by other 'parking apps' that are much less useful, and why our marketplace for ideas and intellectual properly is still so inefficient." Read below to see what Bennett has to say.

Anyone Can Buy Google Glass April 15 163

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An anonymous reader writes "Starting at 9 a.m. ET on April 15 anyone in the US will be able to buy Google Glass for one day. From the article: 'This is the first time the device has been available to the general public. So far, the face-mounted computers have been sold only to Google "Explorers," the company's name for early adopters. At first only developers could buy Glass, but Google slowly expanded the program to include regular people. Some were hand-picked, others applied to be Explorers through Google contests by sharing what cool projects they would do if they had Glass.'"

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What replacement?


It was my understanding that when they depreciated OpenSSL they just asked software vendors and users to bundle/get the latest version themselves. Which means that a lot of OSX servers _are_ vulnerable while Apple can claim OSX is not.

Nope, they said to use CommonCrypto.

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