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Mr. Leopold seeks access to the public financial disclosure statements (Form 278) of former National Security Agency (NSA) Director Keith Alexander as part of a news report he is writing for distribution to the general public. Mr. Leopold sought access to these records pursuant to the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 (“EGA”), 5 USC app. 101, et seq., by submitting a completed Form OGE 201 to the NSA.

Make sure to read the bolded part a few times. Now what pray tell is Form 278? From the Office of Government Ethics:

OGE Form 278: Public Financial Disclosure Report

Pretty sure a public financial disclosure report is public information. Maybe next time you might want to read about what is being discussed before putting your foot in your mouth.

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How is it a non-sequitur to point out previous expenses failures that they've been the head contractor for? Also, this is far from being their only IT-related disaster either. So again I ask: You've never worked with or for Lockheed have you? They can't properly finish projects in the same scope with costs many times this one.

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Yeah and the welfare system was plagued by welfare queens. Oh wait that was just over dramatized fiction from Reagan. No different than your story. There are always people trying to cheat stuff but statistically it's not as large a group of people as right-wingers want us to believe.

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