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by Desirsar (#45503073) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: MMORPG Recommendations?

Agreed with Icebalm. It's not an opinion, it's a flat out lie at this point. If you bother to reply to someone, and don't edit or post a correction, your disclaimer doesn't mean dick, and you really don't have room to claim that anyone "respect" anything about you. As much as I like someone putting together a list like you did, claiming to "have played them all" should not count uninstalling it after 30 minutes.

Planetside 2 is "pay to have sooner." Anything you can buy other than visual fluff is available for free through play, and you can't even buy the upgrades to the weapons in the shop - you have to earn those just like you can earn any of the weapons.

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Let's keep going with that football analogy, shall we? The game isn't always in overtime. When you score, you get back on the field and try to score again. If this analogy is going to be NFL football, people will pay you to go out there and keep scoring, and they'll stop paying if the players are visibly not trying.

In the football analogy, the entertainment industry is trying to say "that touchdown we scored in 1982 should still count today!" Markets change. Consumer demands change. Technology changes. Put on the latest and greatest helmet, get back on the field, and keep scoring.

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For all devices running Windows or anything else...

If we're going to count them, I need to see how to get to a command prompt. If I can't, it doesn't matter if it's Windows, Linux, or the fictional OS on hacker and government computers in TV and movies.

If that definition doesn't work for you, here's a better one - if I can't *change* which OS the device runs, never mind choose from any, we shouldn't be counting it. Java may be in your ATMs, gas pumps, toaster, and battery operated vibrators, but it doesn't matter if someone outside of the device has to tell you this, and the same goes for the OS.

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Games natively on other OSes, with support for those OSes from the game companies. Not just the good games, but all of them. I shouldn't notice the difference while playing. (And, at that, no cost to switch version. I'm not buying a new copy in the new OS.)

Everything else can be the best application in its category available for the OS, so those aren't ever going to get me to switch.

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Too many comments asking this to reply to them all, and I don't want to explain it more than once.

The copyrighted image was being hosted without permission on a website. In order to force the site to remove it, one must file a DMCA takedown notice. If the radio station had, for instance, copied the image and had it published in a different magazine without credit (which would not happen because the magazine would have asked for a credit to publish, but go with the example anyway...), DMCA would not apply. In short, the radio station's lawyers tried to argue that the source was not digital (a magazine), and the DMCA didn't apply. The appeals court correctly ruled that the site's use of the photo being digital, without regard to the source format, is covered by DMCA.

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The truly stupid part is that for anyone to complain about this, they have to type into their browser to begin with. If you want to use another search engine, they still exist, GO TO THEM. If you use Google anyway, and search for a competing service to Google's, such as news, mail, maps, or whatever else, Google putting their own matching service at the top of the results makes it easier to ignore! The only person who could possibly be complaining is a monkey who automatically clicks on the first search result and doesn't bother checking any of the others...

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...someone who read a biased article and didn't watch the video. I had the same opinion going in until I saw it - a little girl throwing a tantrum who didn't want to be touched by ANYONE until they gave her back the toy they took away to be x-rayed at the security checkpoint.

Yes, the Israelis have a better system. They rely on logic rather than "morals", and therefore have no problem profiling, like the US should still be doing in many things that it is no longer "politically correct" to do so. If you don't profile, everyone is a suspect, and that wastes a lot of damn time and pisses off a lot of people. If you profile, you get a few mouthy people with a victim mentality who embrace a culture, fashion, or attitude that matches the profile by choice, and they should generally be ignored - the trick is that you then have to let these people pass once your logic says they're not the droids you're profiling for...

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(Since I was just watching the season 2 DVD again today...) Unnatural Selection, the hyper-aging virus one.

Makes me wonder about the possibility that all allergies are transmitted this way, rather than being entirely genetic. You are, after all, spending a lot of time around people to whom you are related, presumably when they are exposed to allergens. Their cells responding to the allergen may spread to you through normal exposure and contact, not entirely dissimilar to the way hormones can, and train your cells to respond similarly. This would require, of course, that the two people are predisposed to "sharing" allergen responses.

Damn, I should have gone to college for biology instead of sports commentary. You don't get to come up with fun theories like this in sports.

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I thought to myself, "Windows 7 should run any piece of software written for DOS, or any version of Windows 95 through Windows 7, without having to install additional software, emulators, or configure anything specific to that program... and then, it just worked!" Windows 7 was my idea.

Sadly, none of us will ever see that commercial on TV. If an OS does not run all of my software, on the same hardware, either more reliably or faster, I have NO reason to upgrade. Hell, they won't even be able to get close to "killer app" for me, as I won't even buy new consoles until I know there are more than two titles out that I am interested in. (The only time I've broken this rule with myself was for a 360, racing wheel, and Forza 2, and that's not even a fair example as I knew more titles I would play would come out for it, in addition to the incomplete backward compatibility.) Aside from a new game genre or blend of genres, it's not like they can come up with a completely novel piece of software that everyone will want to have - everything that can possibly be done already has been done and will run on XP.

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