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Comment: Re:System failures versus personal ones (Score 3, Interesting) 357

by clifyt (#46622727) Attached to: An Engineer's Eureka Moment With a GM Flaw

I've had mine changed twice as well, though only once at my expense. In the first case, I couldn't shut off the car or remove the key and had to pull a fuse to do so. The dealership actually admonished me over this and told me I just needed turn the steering wheel until it clicked and I could remove it. And when I brought it in, I asked the service guy that was on the phone and dismissive to personally come out and take the key out and show me what I was doing wrong. Never got the apology and he told me that pulling the fuse caused it to stick permanently. What a fuckwad. It was replaced under warranty.

The next one happened while driving in Alabama. Should have been under warranty as well, but we were in back countries and the dude that replaced it wanted cold cash and while GM has said if I find proof, they can repay me for it. But I don't think a hand written receipt for a switch that was pulled out of a junker will work...

GM has really soured me on their cars. I for one won't be buying a new Saturn! (Sarcasm!!!) Actually, probably won't be buying a new GM after this.

Comment: Re:So? (Score 0) 359

by aichpvee (#46326163) Attached to: Ghostwriter Reveals the Secret Life of WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

The personal failings of one man seem mighty inconsequential against the failings of government and large corporations that have been exposed by Wikileaks. The latter definitely does not deserve national and international media hype at the same time that the former is getting buried.

Comment: Re:Erm, the 3DS (Score -1) 559

by aichpvee (#46089221) Attached to: How Can Nintendo Recover?

Nintendo games are too much of a chore to play these days. I just don't have the time to put up with slow dialog scrolls that can't be skipped or hours of tutorializing on systems and controls that have been standard for decades. Even if they put their games on other hardware I'd probably avoid their games, and I'm definitely not going to buy their hardware to put up with that crap on maybe three or four games I'd have any interest in for the lifetime of the device.

Nintendo may not need to change to survive, but they definitely need to change to win back customers like me.

Comment: Re:42.8GB ZIP (Score -1) 193

by aichpvee (#45804451) Attached to: Hosts Massive Collection of MAME ROMs

At the current download speeds it's going to take 2+ years to finish. Pretty inconvenient when you have to download everything to get at even one of the contained files.

Of course I don't actually give a fuck, since I don't have anywhere near enough time to waste on 20 year old arcade games. But if I were the sort to want any of this, it'd be a rather long wait to get anything.

Comment: Re:Breach of contract, copyright infringement (Score 1) 259

by clifyt (#45626191) Attached to: Elsevier Going After Authors Sharing Their Own Papers

I gotta say, I don't see how this is a 'moral' right...I use to be a hired gun musician and worked on a lot of people's work.

In in no way did I ever want my name on any of these works, the only name I wanted was on my check. The people I worked with took it for face value that I worked on any of this stuff, and if they didn't, they weren't the type of clients I needed thus the portfolio was good enough.

As a current academic, the only time I've ever had problems was when the university decided to illegally take my work and sell it...there was no way I was going to sign a document not allowing my wok to be available. Any academic that can't read a contract is an idiot that shouldn't be an academic.

+ - GOP brings in expert to look at>

Submitted by DesertBlade
DesertBlade (741219) writes "The GOP have reached out for expertise on the problems on Their person of choice, is the equally unique McAfee, from the antivirus make, Belize murder, laying low in Portland fame. While I agree the site was overpriced for what we received, but is McAfee is the right expert to handle brief Republicans on the issues?"
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Comment: Re:Bring the million-plus iOS apps to Macs... (Score 1) 512

by clifyt (#44844237) Attached to: Why Apple Went 64-Bit With the iPhone 5s

I haven't used X Tools in years, use pretty much the same libraries and compiler to compile iOS apps as you do OS X apps.

And there is already an emulator to check out your apps before you deploy.

And the big 3rd party development software tools already allow you to port directly to the Mac (I was working in a scripting language that I needed for psych research an app built last year for the iPad...and then realize I could do a desktop version just the same for the folks that didn't need to go into the took me another few minutes to figure out how to set the resolution but that was about it).

Honestly, this sounds like someone that has no clue. Or maybe I have no clue...its been a while since I've done a damn thing

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