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Comment Re:XBMC + Asrock ION (Score 1) 516

Totally agree with this. ION systems can play 1080p content no sweat. They also are very low power, so the system is quiet.

Also, why in the world would you run XBMC under Windows?????? XBMC in Linux supports VDPAU, which is how low end stuff like the ION can play 1080p flawlessly.


Submission + - AVG update causing havoc with XP

Derwood5555 writes: "This mornings update for AVG 8 caused my browsers and other internet connected apps to stop working. A look at the AVG forums shows that many others that get 8.0.233 update for AVG have a variety of problems, from no longer being able to update AVG, to portions of AVG being disabled, to complete loss of connectivity. In my case, the only cure was for me to remove AVG and switch to ESET.

The discussion is continuing at"

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