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Comment: Excellent! (Score 2) 134

I originally purchased iWork '09 via boxed media... When the App Store started distributing the individual apps, I preferred this for the convenience of downloading vs inserting a disc like a caveman.

Eventually I ended up re-purchasing Pages and Numbers for this convenience but have not forked over the dollars for Keynote as of yet... With this recent change, I dusted off my iWork disc and made the leap to the App Store version of Keynote for free.

It's always refreshing when paying customers aren't assumed to be thieves.

Comment: Re:IP6 addresses are a pain (Score 1) 327

by Denis Lemire (#42505897) Attached to: Worldwide IPv6 Adoption: Where Do We Stand Today?

I have end-to-end connectivity between home, work, family members networks, everywhere I have v6. My networks, my firewalls, my rules!

Yes, stateful firewalls that block everything inbound that wasn't setup from the inside are a completely sane default. Unlike NAT we get to choose what traffic we DO allow - even if we have more than one host that needs the same port. Why is this bad?

If the new devices don't pick up a new prefix - they're broken devices. Would you keep a device that kept its IPv4 address for longer than its DHCP lease term?

Renumbering into a new prefix is way easier than re-numbering into a new IPv4 subnet. All my suffixes stay the same, learn the new prefix and you're done.

NAT is a kludge. It needs to die.

Comment: Re:IP6 addresses are a pain (Score 1) 327

by Denis Lemire (#42491189) Attached to: Worldwide IPv6 Adoption: Where Do We Stand Today?

Multicast DNS doesn't just move the problem 'somewhere else' it moves it from one or more centralized places that can fail to a distributed model. Every host responds to requests for its own name - no infrastructure required. Bliss.

I agree, layers of complexity suck, that's why I don't want NAT behind NAT connecting to someone else's layers of NAT. End to end connectivity is a huge win, if that means slightly larger address space - that's well worth it. I also look forward to "What's your IP address?" having a meaningful answer, again, less complexity.

The above aside, your argument about raw addresses is barely even valid... I've memorized my important addresses. My old colocation address was 2610:78:ad::1 - easier to remember than an IPv4 addresses. My current prefix 2610:1e8:800:100::/56 isn't all that much harder. If you rely on autoconf addresses you can even determine the IP is based on the MAC and prefix - all without a DHCP service.

The future rocks, let go of your decrepit IPv4 stack and learn something new.

Comment: Re:I for one look forward to windows 9 (Score 1) 538

by Denis Lemire (#37394608) Attached to: Microsoft Reveals More Windows 8 Details

Care to elaborate on that? I'd be thrilled if MS offered ISO downloads. Requiring a subscription like Technet doesn't count. I shouldn't have to pay money to download software that I already have a license for. Doubly so when the system came with software but no recovery disks.

The problem is made worse when said systems are completely unusable without a wipe and reinstall with your imaginary media in order to eliminate all the crapware.

If MS has any faith in their 'activation' systems they should make ISOs available. If they don't trust their copy protection methods enough to do so, they shouldn't have bothered...

Wow this turned into a rant, but I legitimately had to wonder if you knew something I didn't - in terms of obtaining ISOs.

Comment: Re:Gold plated (Score 1) 501

by Denis Lemire (#35552626) Attached to: 2011 MacBook Pros Confirmed To Crash Under Load

Yes, I rather enjoy Apple's Bluetooth peripherals, when paired with their computers. Sleek glossy white plastic and aluminum look funny next to a boring, matte and clunky looking HP ProBook (assuming it even had Bluetooth, mine doesn't). :)

My point is, I'd like to see Bluetooth (or a successor) more widely utilized for wireless peripherals outside of Apple's realm. If such an inexpensive add-on wasn't constantly treated as an unnecessary option we'd be a step closer.

Chicken and egg, no BT peripherals without widespread BT support. Why bother bundling BT in your system when they are so few peripherals?

Comment: Re:Gold plated (Score 1) 501

by Denis Lemire (#35552130) Attached to: 2011 MacBook Pros Confirmed To Crash Under Load

It actually drives me crazy that PCs tend to not include Bluetooth. This means Bluetooth isn't ubiquitous, which in turn means almost nobody makes Bluetooth peripherals.

Thanks to that stupidity the market is flooded with lame keyboard/mouse devices that require needlessly wasting a USB port for a proprietary receiver. More often that not these receivers are intolerant to WiFi interference. Bluetooth and WiFi are designed to co-exist without stomping over each other RF wise.

Comment: Re:Does not require extra purchase (Score 2, Informative) 212

by Denis Lemire (#34309748) Attached to: Apple iOS 4.2 Hands-On

The ability to print to any Mac via AirPrint was supposed to show up in 10.6.5 but for unknown reasons this feature was pulled. Though there are 3rd party apps like Printopia and Fingerprint that will enable add the missing functionality. You can also download the missing files from earlier 10.6.5 seeds to re-enable AirPrinting.

Internet Explorer

Microsoft IE Browser Share Dips Below 50% 297

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the stop-supporting-it-already dept.
alphadogg writes "Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which has dominated the Web browser market since blowing by Netscape in the late 1990s, last month fell below the 50% market share level for the first time in years. IE's share of the worldwide market fell to 49.87% in September, down from 51.3% in August and 58.4% a year ago. It is followed by Firefox, which increased its share slightly from 30.09% to 31.5% and Google Chrome, which grabbed 11.54% share, more than triple its September 2009 share, according to market watcher StatCounter."

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