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Comment: Re:Police state UK (Score 1) 206

by Dencrypt (#27919311) Attached to: The Electronic Police State

This will be adopted in the rest of the European Union in the next years to come so this has actually nothing to do with UK in particular. They have just implemented the laws before everyone else as a counteract for the bombings in London 2005.

As always. Monitoring citizen activity is excused by a few "terror" deeds. I always start wondering who we are protecting...

Comment: Re:Using kids (Score 1) 213

by Dencrypt (#25535311) Attached to: Alarm Raised On Teenage Hackers

This is actually exactly the way real drug dealers (read: wholesale) operate on large scales, containing an area with their products. Largely on poor areas where the recruits can be harvested young and early.The young usually can't be prosecuted. At worst the social workers get notified and the child, youth, whatever gets moved. But then there are always others.
There are no shortage on children in the world ;)

(especially today, those with a computer to tie up the subject)

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