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Comment Re:Could be easily solved by allowing ios downgrad (Score 1) 344

Then stop trying to do so.

I don't know what "open source" means? "I haven't done much programming"? As for most of your insults they are more likely to apply to you than me.

You demonstrate clear lapses in understanding the matter. There is a difference between apps and and an operating system. I claimed that if you had source for an IOS app you could read the source and build the app. That is an open source app. By definition. IOS is not open source and OSX is not open source, but openDarwin is open source and Apple contributes its changes to it. Not that that is relevant.

As a sidenote I personally think (i.e.. opinion, limited value only) that people who use download binaries are not really using open source because they do not know for sure that the binaries they are using match the source.

Given that unless you wrote and built your own compiler by hand, in machine code not using YACC or some such, you are still dependant on someone else's binary ( you are whistling dixie to say an app is not open source only because of the development system you use. Try thinking not just believing what you are told. "Religious" points of view are invariably invalid.

No, we have not been talking about who owns the device. I own my iPhone. Apple has access to root on my iPhone and it comes pre-pwned by Apple and my Telco (at a minimum). That is really not any different from any Googlebox. Either can be "rooted" by the user (at a cost and a risk to security), both are "rooted" by the OS creator and the Telco (at a minimum). I happen (at this point in time) trust Apple more than Google. Your mileage may vary.

I will not be responding further to this thread. You simple do not appear to have anything to contribute and I am fed up with your insults and apparent silliness. Nevertheless, I wish you well in the future.

Comment Re:Android Studio for OS X (Score 1) 344

Yes, the user land is or was pretty much the same for *BSD, openDarwin and OSX. Otherwise I would not have budged.

"Thems the breaks" and "sucks to be you" are both insults and not technical comments. i.e. Of zero or negative value. People using them (and I may have been guilty on occasion) are playing negative sum games. Worthwhile people do not play such games. Worthwhile people try to play positive sum games that result in a gain all around.

But personally I do have some "religious" opinions. I won't touch Microsoft. There is a history. I plain do not trust them. If they ever do do something right I would be likely to ignore it. I prefer the BSDs to Linux. I like the ideas behind microkernels.

But most of all I wish people would take a better look at Plan9 and bring it to a commercial useable stage. That is one place where "good" or "good enough" (UNIX) drove out the "better".

So I do have some "religious" viewpoints but they are my opinions not facts and therefore of no great value.

Comment Re:Only the 4S? It slowed my 6+ !! (Score 1) 344

Firstly, Thank you for your considered reply.

I am aware of some of what you wrote and I do not have an "idea" per se, only that maybe we should be looking for a new paradigm. That paradigm change need not be block orientated but if it were not so it would require a complete resign of just about all IO hardware and software. It is a thought that makes me shudder but it might become a desirable thing somewhere down the track. Some speculative and preparative contemplation as to how this might be done could we worthwhile - besides entertaining and educational.

I think with this "flash drive" Apple may have done something like you suggest in your third paragraph. From powered down to "as I was last working" takes seconds, not minutes. I used to hate a shutdown, now I don't. I have a friend with a similar machine but an OEM SSD drive. It is fast but still takes twice as long to boot. But both are vastly faster than a spinning disk.

Lastly, thank you for your time.

Comment Re:Only the 4S? It slowed my 6+ !! (Score 1) 344

Yah think that the company who supplied them might have something to do with it? Or that your company added something to them or had something added to them? No, your solution was to frustrate your employer and expose their internal network. Did someone in the company give you permission to remount the SIM? Do they even know? Most places I have worked that would be a fireable offence. In some juristictions it would be criminal.

Comment Re:Only the 4S? It slowed my 6+ !! (Score 1) 344

Not arguing here, just pondering

The machine I am using now has an 'SSD'. But it is (apparently) not accessed through the normal disk subsystem and cannot be replaced by an SSD that does. The physical memory is on the main logic board, same as the machines RAM. The machine identifies it as "Flash Storage". If anyone knows exactly how this works I would be interested in their comment.

When graphics went from CRT to digital displays we were left with software artefacts where a whole lot of processing for the CRT function was left in the graphic cards and decoding for this added to the circuitry in digital monitors. As far as I know this artefact layer still exists today and we pay a price for that backwards hardware and software compatibility. An expensive compatibly that we no longer require but we are stuck with.

Are our storage changes and philosophies creating the same sort of no longer necessary artifacts? A sixty-four bit word can hold the dresses of 1.85x10 raised to the nineteenth power of sixty-four bit words. Do we need the notion of "disk blocks" any more. Copying from an SSD to DRAM and then reading it again is stupid for a text segment (or re-entrant code would be suspect), as you have read from SSD, write to DRAM, read from DRAM and you do it once only. Perhaps we are starting to need a new paradigm for better efficiency? Maybe we should look at moving from fixed block sizes to a directly addressable paradigm?

I have been out of this for many years. If I am being silly here, please update me.

Comment Re:Xcode is still Mac-exclusive (Score 1) 344

You are telling me that OSX supports an android development environment? I was not aware of that. I "went Apple" from BSD when Apple went Darwin so I have been in the Apple ecosystem for a while. I would have expected to have to reacquire a BSD or obtain some form of GNU/Linux. Or perhaps, check to see how far the mach kernel has come.

And perhaps this is the crunch, for me taking up app development cost me only effort. That is exactly the same case (but on the other hand) for you or anyone developing in the ecosystem they use. I find benefits in staying with the ecosystem I have. There is no benefit that I can see to me changing ecosystems and quite a bit of loss. When my phone rings, so does my iMac and my iPad and I can answer on any of them. So I can leave my phone in my bag and get a weeks (untested but about that) battery life by answering on a device I am already using. The only reason I upgraded my iPhone 5s was because my son wanted it. Odds are it will be a long time before I update again.

If I changed ecosystems I would lose too much in integration. Sure I could get it back but I would have to design and write a lot of shise. I am old, old and worn out. I have the ability but probably do not have time left to do that.

By the way, I appreciate both your politeness and candor. Respect.

Comment Re:Xcode is still Mac-exclusive (Score 1) 344

I am definitely with you on the e-waste. I really hate it that Macs lack so much upgradability. But iMacs are essentially a laptop but behind a huge screen and laptops are usually not that upgradeable either. But yes, e-waste is a major (perhaps the major issue) in the Apple ecosystem.

Couldn't someone who wanted to change ecosystems get a second hand Mac mini for pretty much peanuts? There are actually quite a few reasons why you might want to do that. But yes, changing ecosystems has a cost. I do not see how that could be otherwise.

Comment Re:Could be easily solved by allowing ios downgrad (Score 1) 344

You keep trying to "beat" me and if you cannot to that then to insult me. As for being a fool, you are the one who keeps with the foolish remarks. You might be a fool to rely on a condom but you are not a fool to use one.

Yes, others pointed out your were wrong after you spent many posts arguing about it and attacking me. You didn't check. You had to be corrected by others and you are still trying to tell me I am wrong. Persistence will not win an incorrect argument.

Wether you like it or not, Apple is currently open source. Demonstrated, proven, asserted in documentation and by others here who know. Which you finally were forced to accept.

I am not "most people" and you are not "most people". Pretty much all freedom is an illusion. I am not free and neither are you. However, I will not be a slave to anyone and trying to insult me by calling me one or telling me I am not free. You lost an argument (that you created) on a technical point. You stand corrected. All else is mental masturbation.

Comment Re:Could be easily solved by allowing ios downgrad (Score 1) 344

Still at it? I saw it took someone else to correct you, but you were neither courteous nor man enough to apologise. Instead you still try to target me, to dry to make me feel bad. Unfortunately that requires intelligence you fail to display (Probably can't).

I am no slave, not even to my emotions. So, go dance in your fantasy garden. I am a maker, a Morlock. Yes, I like Apple's walled garden as it keeps others out. For the same reason I insist on a condom.

I know your views are not based on rationality but religion. I know you are a child who cannot accept that their arguments and impressions have been counterfactual. You keep demonstrating this.

So let me make this clear, you were wrong, you were proven wrong (by multiple people) and you remain wrong. And all you have left is an attempt to stir me up emotionally, which just makes me laugh enough to respond. That is the limit of your effectiveness. Would you explain to me how you can appear to be so pathetic? I suggest you try to gain some flexibility.

When you attack the man and not the ball you need to be sure that you can survive the return of service. You failed as malice and hate often do.

Comment Re:This just in... (Score 1) 344


Very few 4s users are complaining that this is so. Most are perfectly satisfied.

So it is not likely the upgrade per se, is the issue but that there is another factor.

You could have, should have figured that out for yourself but "Gosh, that might require some extra work!"

Can I ask why you are posting at a (supposedly) technical site? You clearly do not think in a logical or technical manner.

Comment Re:This just in... (Score 1) 344

Ten years ago, your four year old laptop would likely not have able to run the newest OS. Things are a bit more stable now. Phones are 10/20 years behind the computer. It is feature creep. The 4s has taken no performance hit as a phone. A small percentage of them have taken a performance hit as a computer for currently unestablished reasons. It may even be the choice of websites they visit. Pages have been increasingly data/java intense. One reason that ad blocking is now "allowed". Any allegation that Apple is putting in idle cycles would be cause for a massive slander case. Very massive. The legal firm and the clients would not financially survive. Possibly not even physically. Apple has a lot of share holders. Some of them have to be nefarious businesses people.

I doubt anyone would dare to make that allegation. I have no doubt that the 4s will do what it always did. Modern sites, modern java? Not so much, maybe

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