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Comment Re: When The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum (Score 1) 456

I did not say it was invented by Napoleon. I merely repeated what I was taught in school long ago, that the it was called the Napoleonic Code(capitalised) because it was formalised by Napoleon. I was relying on teaching from the British education system in the nineteen-fifties. That may to have been that reliable - nor is my memory any more. Sorry.

Comment Re: Brought about by the internet? (Score 1) 728

He does not seem to realise that there a difference between "free speech" and "anonymous free speech" or he is taking advantage of it. He can not get sued as an anonymous coward". That he does not identify himself shows the value of his words and the dishonesty behind them. Let him identify himself or ignore his worthless words as the dross that they are.

Comment Re: Wait, physics doesn't work either? (Score 1) 214

Name a non theoretical place where a photon achieves c. C is the unobtainable velocity - even by a photon as there is no true vacuum. Division of anything by zero in the way you are using it results in infinity, notc.

You are coming upon an old conundrum. Does every particle "know" about every other particle or not? How does a rotating reference frame know it is rotating? The side that you are taking will be disproven if gravity waves are found. That is a vast oversimplification but I think the question is still open. I am willing to be corrected.

Comment Re: I can feel some EMF (Score 1) 456

Oh! How long have you been dead? Can you tell me what it feels like? Did you meet Bog?

FWIW, electro sensitivity can be trained, as can the ability to resist electrocution (to a point anyway). During the bombings in London during the Second World War there was little in the way of material support for first responders. Those concerned with power had no "meters", not even simple probes. They learned to feel live wires and assess voltages with nothing but the skin and hair on their hands.

Comment Re: Sunlight has a large electromgnetic field (Score 1) 456

(Sardonic voice). That is not very scientific. That it has never been observed does not mean it has never happened.(/Sardonic voice) Sorry - couldn't resist.

The judge may just be a little more pragmatic than us idealists. You cannot force mental treatment on someone who is not a threat and one way or another she is ill and under their social contract entitled to assistance. She now gets it. She can get treatment any time she wants. Likely to be expensive though.

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