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Comment Re:They have no intent to ban Whatsapp and others (Score 1) 174 174

It is not just WhatsApp. Apple's entire ecosystem uses encryption. Supposedly even Apple cannot read the content of your messages. If they pass this as it is stated all current Apple's will become illegal. Or am I wrong in that?

Comment I think the real problem is... (Score 2) 431 431

...that we are designed to live in relatively small communities. In a small village everyone know what everyone is doing or their nature well enough to trust them. Sometimes this is a mistake, it is not the stranger that is the danger. When you get larger communities it starts to break down.

Comment Re:Taxi licenses are crazy expensive (Score 1) 334 334

I was a Melbourne taxi driver while I was studying. My cab, although very worn was always very clean. Most of the time there were fresh flowers in it to provide more than city odour. Before each shift I wold sort out worn notes from fresh and replace worn ones with fresh from a bank. Each note folded to show the denomination. Stupid and anal? Perhaps, but you would not believe the tips I made (as a rule Melbourne people do not tip). The time I spent cleaning, sorting and going to the bank was my most productive earning time despite it did not directly pay a cent.

Comment Re:Manditory Car Tracking (Score 1) 114 114

You are young BlueCoder and there is nothing wrong with that. A society needs to be bound by rules but not straightjacketed by them. I don't want my car automatically slowing down when driving my injured children to the hospital. No one is perfect and circumstances alter cases. Society needs enough slop to stop too much friction. Make it to rigid and it breaks. Rigid people are seldom sane and happy.

Good luck taking out the 911 dispatch system because it is hackable or subject to social engineering. Swatting for example. That would be a good reason for shutting the whole system down?

You would be better off mandating driverless cars in cities on the basis of congestion.

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