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Comment: Re:Manditory Car Tracking (Score 1) 114 114

by Demena (#49384491) Attached to: SCOTUS: GPS Trackers Are a Form of Search and Seizure

You are young BlueCoder and there is nothing wrong with that. A society needs to be bound by rules but not straightjacketed by them. I don't want my car automatically slowing down when driving my injured children to the hospital. No one is perfect and circumstances alter cases. Society needs enough slop to stop too much friction. Make it to rigid and it breaks. Rigid people are seldom sane and happy.

Good luck taking out the 911 dispatch system because it is hackable or subject to social engineering. Swatting for example. That would be a good reason for shutting the whole system down?

You would be better off mandating driverless cars in cities on the basis of congestion.

Comment: Re:WTF AM I DOING HERE! (Score 1) 109 109

by Demena (#49339807) Attached to: New Alzheimer's Treatment Fully Restores Memory Function For Mice

Well, I understood the thread to be about pr0n and other things. More particularly, it was about how you would recover your digital property if you were to lose and partly recover your memory.

I have nothing on any hard disk nor any memory stick (or its ilk) that I am ashamed of. I am a human being (I figured that out long ago) and not perfect. But I actually do not have anything I feel I need to hide. My kids figured out my fetishes in their teens, nothing to hide there. I would say that there would be more people in my situation than yours. Anyway it is irrelevant.

The point that you are failing to see is that setting up a shared secret is trivial, even if it is unknown to the parties that they have it. And that is the only point I have to make.

Comment: Re:WTF AM I DOING HERE! (Score 1) 109 109

by Demena (#49332983) Attached to: New Alzheimer's Treatment Fully Restores Memory Function For Mice

Well, the only thing I have that might remotely be classified as pr0n would be my personal sketches as I like to draw nudes. There are no other images. Since they are my personal artistic output they might have some value to my family and perhaps not. None are obscene anyway.

But the split/shared secret is easy to set up. Trivial in fact. I am not sure why you think it is "extensive".

Comment: Re:This sucks. (Score 1) 299 299

by Demena (#49255349) Attached to: Sir Terry Pratchett Succumbs To "the Embuggerance," Aged 66

This is why I find religion sick, What sort of evil mind came up with concept of original sin? I guess that is the only way to justify the evils that happen to children. "There is no such thing as an innocent child". I find anyones acceptance of this to be evil and unfit to associate with.

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