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Comment Terraform first go later (Score 1) 684

A better strategy would be first to send probes to at least partially terraform mars to make it more viable for human life. When the conditions are bearable enough for human life then send the first humans there.

Comment IBM? What is IBM? (Score 1) 273

One generation more of tech people and if you ask them who is IBM they will have go search in Wikipedia to know what that company is or was in the future. How could a company lost brand name so fast. Now instead of having IBM stores (and app stores) have only Apple stores. Apple shows that hardware is profitable not only in profits but also in brand recognition. What is not profitable is bad management. Fortunately HP realized it before too late.

Also try to navigate IBM support web pages is a nightmare. Cannot find anything. The quality of information for IBM acquired software is terrible: Rational, telelogic, etc. Better let the former company support team manage support.

When company profits depends n shedding people, it takes not long until it goes toast.

Comment Just give people an option (Score 1) 196

Just give people the option to choose. Set up two types of flight, one with full TSA screening and the other with pre 2001 screening. Those who want to fly secured by current TSA security screening procedures chose first option, those who do not agree with TSA procedures choose second option.

Comment Last time I recieve the US treatment (Score 2) 417

In my last trip to Dominique republic from Europe I made the bad decisions to chose a flight with transit connection in Miami. Even being a transit connection we were photographed, finger printed and had to fill up exhaustive forms. It took 3 hours to get to the connection flight! Almost lost it.

Never again fly through the US.

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