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Comment: Russian Farming Satellite (Score 1) 419

by Deliveranc3 (#49115025) Attached to: What If We Lost the Sky? , so we could do the whole thing for about $100,000,000. Not too bad really.

Of course when we block and how much is hard, I'm sure the scientists will find a want to put a semi-pourous screen in solar-syncronous orbit.

Although the rising levels of acidity and CO2 in oceans is benefiting CO2->O2 and acidity absorbing bacteria and algae, so we might want to block out the sun over land in specific places. The Sahara, or Australian outback seem like good ideas (CHEAP arable land! WOO!) Australia has the advantage of being close to the worlds population center, so an extra breadbasket would be fantastic.

Of course the world's energy problems (mirrored solar, is gooood), food problems (recycling, and composting, more arable land... we really did urbanize the best farm land), and transportation problems will be improved as we like each other more and urbanize more densely and closer together (what is with the pressure differentials in condominiums, why is no one ever blasting rock music on their balcony [guess I'm young], and the dry air from the air vent!). Two of these seem to be happening a bit. It's hard to imagine a world where all three have happened so much that we want to scale them back, and I suppose that makes them good things.

Comment: Re:Take your space (Score 1) 288

by Deliveranc3 (#49109033) Attached to: How Walking With Smartphones May Have Changed Pedestrian Etiquette
Did this for a long time, then almost got hit by an ambulance with siren on.

Sadly people who walk and read are generally intelligent and busy (looking for extra information, instead of overwhelmed by it at least) and to loose a few during their learning period probably isn't great for society as a whole. Considering how few people do this it's amazing that they're even talking about it.

It is a scary notion that this is replicating.

Actually I used to run everywhere until I was about 8, enjoyed the exercise + hey more videogames! I only stopped because of social pressure, which is sad. Running gives people more time in their lives rather than spending less time at the Gym :) If you start young, you don't get stinky.

Comment: Wireless Conversation Starter and Bossiness Prize (Score 1) 54

Exec Sum: Wifi VOIP provider wants more wifi discussion, offers prize to OSS OS devs Android

General Interest: 802.11i and 802.11s? Sliced Bread? Too power intensive? Conspiracy theories?

Technocrats: We want x frequencies and why, what comes after i/s, why switching is bad compared to standard cell, why power consumption is bad compared to standard cell, why we don't get two radios/frequency changing radios etc. Who knows, (I love slashdot).

Legal Beagles/ idealists who avoided this discussion because wifi is passe/insecure: Sharing Wifi, why not? QOS emergency servies, email, voip?Hilarious anecdotes about public resource abuse from the right (that guy in the library!)

CONTEST!!!! WTB new OSS OS for Chinese model phone, send me a message for Quality of Phone Standard(6 Inch Dual Core) VS Ultra Hotness (Oooo baby!)... then compile OS with 1-2 features I'd like to see (security/rom flexibility + volume button song change [Just LOVE that feature])... plus a look at what's cooking in the scene get $$$.... well $$ + .5$.

Cheers Slashdot, these are the glory days of Wifi when everyone thinks it's solved and the real solution can happen!

Comment: Canadian Free Voip Forever Available Now (Score 0) 106

by Deliveranc3 (#48409659) Attached to: NYC To Replace Most of Its Payphones With Free Gigabit WiFi In 2015 Or just use Freephoneline. The point is to break the monopolies. I do review Chinese phones and can offer an excellent deal on great hardware if you purchase through me. And yes it will work forever with no bill, been using it for about 11 years now.

Comment: This is an opportunity for google (Score 1) 154

To centralize things like push update APIs. So they're less resource intensive. Security, should be the best available. And a streaming interface, for high bandwidth apps. All of which needs to be done before it gets released to the open source community. Since it's all audio it could use very little bandwidth, less than 24kbps. I think it's a bad idea and I'd never use one, for trust issues, but google seems to be pretty good at OS design (Android, not chrome) and as a VOIP hardware provider ForeverPhone (only in Canada, sorry) I love being able to provide Android phones with custom Roms.

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