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by doublebackslash (#47538217) Attached to: The Truth About Solar Storms

Came here for this, leaving satisfied.
Breaking a DC current is a hell of a lot harder than an AC current since you don't have a nice zero crossing helping you out.
Yanking the meter would give a really nice wide insulative gap AND, unlike throwing the breaker, pulling the meter disconnects not only the hot wire but also the neutral return, which would also be energized during such an event. If you didn't disconnect the neutral It seems possible that the neutral-ground tie would fry and start a nice fire inside your electrical pannel.

Just don't forget to disconnect any CATV, POTS, or other low voltage lines coming into your house as well.

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if you need help, ask nicely for it. stop using force to extract it from me at gun point.

We need help.
People in the USA are starving. So are people elsewhere in the world. Most of us are women and children living lives that we cannot escape because we are not free MEN. Our lives will be a consequence of the choices our fathers and husbands make. If we are lucky they will choose well and be kind to us. We suffer from TB, AIDS, malnutrition, drug abuse, the cold (in both senses). We lack healthcare because it is not available, is to expensive, or contradticts our aforementioned husband's and/or father's religious beliefs.
We have done nothing but exist and yet we find ourselves disadvantaged. Some of us have running water, and some of us don't. Some of us have education, but the vast majority can't afford to pay for it, even if we finish with high marks.
We are tired, we are downtrodden, we are many, and we are abused.
Please help us, with every fiber of your being.
Some of us are, in fact, like yourself, but victims of Compulsory Sterilization

We ask, sincerely and directly, for help from anyone who can.

We need help.

We are suffering and only need some small lifeline to find our way back and then we can begin to help ourselves.

Thank you, sincerely, for reading this far.

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Actually an infinite universe does not contradict the Big Bang theory.
One explanation with a handy diagram (authored by an astrophysicist)
Another more comprehensive answer is here
And something from NASA for shiggles

I'm certain there are plenty of other discussions of the topic. AFIK we are not yet certain that the universe is('nt) infinite, we don't even know its shape, but it is possible for it to be infinite.

Currently observational evidence points to an extremely flat universe (as flat as we can measure as yet), implying its size is tremendously larger than the Hubble Volume and allowing for an infinite universe (but obviously doesn't require it).

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It's a paraphrase of Cardinal Richelieu, who not only made the following quote, but practiced what he described: "Show me six lines written by the most honest man in the world, and I will find enough therein to hang him."

When the powerful can manipulate their societies into killing as they see fit, it's best to give them as little excuse as possible. The sitting US president claims that he can legally kill Americans on American soil without trial.

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It depends on whether you agree with Malthus that population growth is inevitable or with Condorcet, who believed that birth control could prevent the consequences of exponential population growth.

If the population continues to grow, so too must the economy, or the share of resources available to each person will shrink. There's really no room for argument on that point.

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In what sense was the Roman empire not capitalistic?

The major source of labor in the Roman Empire was slave labor, not wage labor, and the major source of wealth was military conquest rather than commerce.

It's extremely difficult for modern people living in industrialized societies to even imagine an alternative to capitalism because it's so pervasive in our world, but it hasn't been around forever and even now capitalism exists only as an imperfectly realized ideal.

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