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Submission + - mUVe 1 Open Source Resin Based 3D Printer->

An anonymous reader writes: The mUVe 1 Open Source 3D printer is getting ready for pre-sales. After a successful IndieGoGo campaign we are finally ready to start selling to the masses. SLA/Resin 3D printing has long been unattainable to the home 3D printing hobbyist. The price is almost always prohibitive of personal ownership. With the mUVe 1 that barrier has been broken completely. Get all the details at www.muve3d.net
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Comment Re:Computers can't be compared to cars (Score 0) 291

Even cars are heading in this direction. My independent mechanic cannot do certain things with my newer car, such as make a key. I have to go to the dealership to have one made, and they charge about $300 to do so. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immobilizer

Comment Re:Replace, or augment? (Score 0) 636

There are many other times I've tried to do something on my phone, but been unable to without using a PC. Here's a big one - development. You can code for Linux, on Linux. You can code for Windows, on Windows. I've even coded for freaking TI calculators, *on* the calculator. But you can't code for Android on an Android device, nor can you code for iPhone on an iPhone.

You can code for Android on Android. AIDE is the best example, and it's been out for a while. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aide.ui


Submission + - Microsoft deprecating some OOXML functionality ->

christian.einfeldt writes: "According to open standards advocate Russell Ossendryver, Microsoft will be deprecating certain functionality in its Microsoft Office Open XML specification. Ossendryver says the move is an attempt to quiet critics of the specification in the run up to the crucial February vote as to whether Microsoft OOXML will be included as a second standard for e-documents, along with the existing ODF ISO standard. ECMA, the Microsoft-led industry standards group formally offering OOXML to ISO, confirms in a 21 December 2007 announcement that issues related to the "leap year bug", VML, compatibility settings such as "AutoSpaceLikeWord95" and others will be "extracted from the main specification and relocated to an independent annex in DIS 29500 for deprecated functionality." Ossendryver is not convinced that deprecation will work, calling the deprecation proposal a 'smoke screen' and a 'bomb disguised as a standard' because 'every application will need to support the deprecated features in order to read files with the deprecated features.' Ossendryver also points out that legacy formatted Microsoft Office documents will still remain non-standard under the new proposal for deprecation."
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