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Comment: Re: Amen brother! (Score 3, Funny) 424 424

I have a dream of when my children, and my children's children, can read/listen/watch recordings of extremely important public cultural events over the internet and not be committing copyright infringement.

Sorry - knee jerk response to the dream phrase made it as far as the keyboard.

Comment: Re:Amen brother! (Score 1) 424 424

It'd be a nice feature - or even to have a work/home bubbles (you too Amazon). Bubbling is the term that uses to describe anticipated search intent. They don't bubble and tend to be decent with their results. I'll often switch to them if Google (or Amazon) seems stuck in a paradigm of what they think I want.

Comment: Re:May be good for indie game makers (Score 1) 126 126

It's a nice system, but as I understand it - your friend will be booted out of game A from your library when you launch any other game from your library. Again, a great improvement from where Steam started, but a little "grass was greener" from my perspective. I think back about how weird it would have been if my friend would have been booted off of the Crystalis cartridge I loaned him any time I ran Zelda II on my NES. Perhaps I've interpreted the Steam library sharing erroneously though. Again - a great improvement and one of those ways Steam has leaned to leverage it's market dominance in favor of its customers.

Comment: Re:May be good for indie game makers (Score 1) 126 126

Good move, but doesn't address useful (but subjective) claims like satisfaction guaranteed. I remember as a kid saving for most of a year to buy one of the later KQ games. I played through it fast, (but probably more than two hours, but not by much) and wasn't challenged/entertained as the past KQ games (or other Sierra titles like the QFG series) indicated I should be - in light of past experiences, I felt pretty mislead about the experience which should have been in that box. Overall, I was pretty bummed out - both about the game and the price. I was able to take it back to the store (Sears I think), explain the experience, and get my money back.

These days it's easy to find out info/reviews of a game - and experience will help you evaluate something within that two hour window, but I think fears of abuse may have curtailed the usefulness of this program. Obviously there's a line between "I'm taking my money back because I don't like the ending/plot/fact that they killed Data-but-not-really" and "I'm asking for my money back because the product was clearly broken/unfinished/incomplete," but neither can be evaluated within that two hour play window. Personally, it's still a tough call for me to buy a full price game on Steam - what with the DRM and non-transferability of the software. Steam sales are nice, but my kids will never get the chance to loan their game disks to a friend or pick through bins at a garage sale or pawn shop for interesting game titles. The grass was greener when DRM meant looking up something in Fodor's guide too. Ok, ok... I'll toddle along now, but do try to stay off the lawn.

Comment: Re:I can see this running afoul of.... (Score 3, Informative) 545 545

I think it was the Rehnquist court that developed a "conviction test" that was pretty useful. (i.e. It was something like not bending your conviction even when faced with pressures or threats by all of the following: state, peers, family, death, etc...). By that test, many people do not hold religious convictions - especially with respect to the law. I could be thinking of another Justice though... IANAL. It's got me curious again, I'll have to hit Google later, or perhaps one of my books to find that test.

Comment: Re:Synthetic Sapphire... (Score 1) 247 247 good enough "transparent aluminum" for me. Plus, it's easy to make and nearly as hard as diamond.

If you think it's easy to make (on an industrial scale for optical grade large pieces), I've got some real estate and investing advice to sell you, right after I switch out my polycarbonate lenses.

Comment: Re:Gemstone (Score 2) 247 247

Yeah - single crystal aluminum oxide (sapphire) is also used on tank windows, missile radar domes, satellite parts, etc... Basically anything actually worth enough to pay for it. Smartphones and tablets may actually drive production of sapphire into "reasonable" price ranges for consumers. Spinnel is too soft to be "scratch proof" - resistant maybe, but proof? No. Lots of other good uses though.

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