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Comment *sigh* (Score 1) 377

The two Ubisoft games I've played recently (Assassins Creed and Prince of Persia) were both beautiful to look at but incredibly repetitive and not all that fun to play after an hour or so. Since then, on more than one occasion I've seen an awesome trailer that made me think "damn I need to go get that game"...until the Ubisoft logo comes up and I think "nevermind...there are better things to spend my $60 on"...I imagine that has more to do with their sales lag than piracy does...it's not like piracy rates have suddenly shot through the roof.

Comment *sigh* what a waste (Score 1) 303

It would be nice if more companies would spend their resources improving linux projects as a whole rather than trying to roll their own distributions. I see HP spending a lot of time reinventing several wheels here when their developers' time could be put to much better use in the community.

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Last month, we noted that the wife of a jailed Chinese dissident had come to the US to sue Yahoo for handing over info that allowed her husband to be arrested. At the time, we were confused over what law she could sue under. Yahoo had performed the actions in China (where it was obviously legal) rather than the US. However, now the lawsuit has been filed, with the support of various human rights groups. They're claiming that Yahoo has violated international law concerning torture -- but, again, that seems like a stretch. Even the groups filing the lawsuit admit that they're fishing a bit, hoping to use the lawsuits to find out how involved Yahoo really was in having various dissidents arrested. While it's unclear if this lawsuit will get very far on a legal basis, it could be much more effective just in shaming Yahoo into adjusting its practices in giving up the private info of Chinese users.
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