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by hairyfeet (#47764117) Attached to: MediaGoblin 0.7.0 "Time Traveler's Delight" Released
Might be good for somebody not living in the USA, but here our ISP overlords use any excuse to add ever shittier caps so hosting your own media? Probably not a good idea,especially when there are sites like YouTube and Dropbox. Hell I wouldn't be surprised if this would be a TOS breaking deal, like running your own servers.

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by hairyfeet (#47762811) Attached to: Seagate Ships First 8 Terabyte Hard Drive

It does work, as does putting paging on a non-OS drive. As for SSD sure it helps as a boot drive...but who fucking boots anymore? Frankly what I saw at the shop was a better boost in actual applications by using the SSD as a caching drive and as a bonus you can pick up 32GB-64GB SSDs for dirt cheap and they make perfect caching drives. That said if you can fit ALL your games AND the OS AND the applications on an SSD? Sure they fly, just be sure to have VERY recent backups as SSDs still fail without warning, unlike HDDs. you'd think they'd have fixed that by now but nope, still no warning when it comes to the SSD shitting itself.

As for TFA this makes me happy as it'll lower the cost on the smaller drives, the 1TB are already down to the $50 range and I'm hoping they'll soon be back to the $35 range they were pre-flood. I have found that most home users can get by FOR NOW with a 1TB but as the amount of media they create and consume grows so too does the space they require. Personally I'm happy (again FOR NOW) with the 6TB worth of space I have but if this drives the 4TB drives into sub $70 territory i could see snatching up another 12TB and putting my entire movie collection in HD on a media tank.

Has anybody tried the Seagate 4TB and 6TB drives in any real numbers? Hows the failure rate? I ask as I still actively avoid the Seagate 1.5 and 2TB because of all the fails i saw at the shop, they were REALLY shitty...did they fix that problem with the 4 and 6 drives?

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by hairyfeet (#47762757) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

If your failure of an OS can't even pass HALF of what Windows can? admit its a failure and STFU. I'm standing here, throwing down the gauntlet and saying your shit OS can't even provide HALF of what fricking Windows Vista can...who is gonna prove me wrong? As for saying I'll change the rules? I can't, they are posted and so simple..well a FOSSie can understand them.

Pick ANY mainstream consumer Linux, PCLOS, Ubuntu, Mint, the only requirement is that it had to exist 5 years ago otherwise it can't simulate a 5 year cycle can it? As for mainstream, distrowatch has a list of the top whatever mainstream distros, listed under "user friendly"...take your choice, pick your poison, they all suck. Then make sure you have working drivers INCLUDING a wireless that can use WPA V2 and then update to current...that's it. NO printer support, NO mobile devices, simply show the world your OS is capable of the most limited of functionality, what frankly should be the baseline for even calling yourself an OS, the ability to apply security updates without shitting yourself...and YOU CAN NOT DO IT because the linux driver model is THAT shitty, it really truly is.

So PROVE ME WRONG, make me eat my words. the challenge is free, takes less than 4 hours, and no requirements on the hardware other than the most basic, sound, video, and wireless...that's it, that's all.

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Show me a distro that will pass the Hairyfeet Challenge, which just FYI simulates HALF of a Windows support cycle, that is a lousy 5 can't do it, because they will ALL shit on their own drivers and fail. the closest ANY FOSS zealot was able to get was by using fricking SCI-Linux, a specialty distro built for research labs (and therefor breaking the first requirement, a mainstream consumer distro) and even after breaking the very first requirement he FAILED because at the end of the challenge? He didn't have functional sound AND the wireless wouldn't even be recognized by the OS...nice.

The challenge is free, takes less than 4 hours start to finish, and gives several advantages to Linux over Windows such as no requirement to support mobile phones or printers yet NO LINUX CAN PASS what honestly should be the absolute minimum that should be acceptable to consider yourself a functional OS, to be able to update without destroying yourself. Just FYI I can do this on Win2K and pass, from RTM to EOL, from XP from RTM to EOL, and on Vista through 8.1 from RTM to current.

So if you truly believe what you are saying? Then film yourself taking the Hairyfeet Challenge and post the results to Dropbox. But I have a feeling this is the last we will be hearing from you because every person who has had the guts to take the challenge and respond has either come back with "but but but...its not fair to expect Linux to actually work!" excuses for why their OS can't even provide the most basic of functionality, or the few truly honest ones who said "Ok you are right, this is an issue because I can't get my distro to pass" which is usually followed by them going to the forum of said distro to point this out only to be attacked for not guzzling the koolaid.

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"Are you saying that if Microsoft made a radical change to their "kernel" (three big DLL's is a kernel, who knew?) architecture those drivers would still work?"

YES because you can use 32bit WDM drivers right now on 32bit Windows 8.1, you can even take Win2K drivers and use them right now in 8.1, as I have used WinXP RTM drivers in Win 7 SP1, that is 14 years of working drivers to choose from. Meanwhile you can't even use 4 year old drivers in Linux without black screen o death and after 8 years not a single mainstream Linux OS can pass the Hairyfeet Challenge which simulates just FIVE YEARS of support, less than half of what you get with Windows.....HAND.

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That is why Torvalds needs to be quaking in his loafers, the rumors are the new CEO is getting rid of the Ballmer era bullshit and is gonna bring sanity back to MSFT.

I don't know if you've heard but the rumor on the enterprise front is they are gonna offer an Office 365 style package for the OS in the server and desktop space, where you will just pay a set yearly fee and your OS will always be capable of upgrade for free, with a single upgrade button that will upgrade the OS to the latest version and no more of the license hedgemaze. If this comes to pass I can easily see Linux being relegated strictly to LAMP and embedded roles because the corps won't have to deal with Torvalds' messes anymore.

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by hairyfeet (#47757547) Attached to: IBM Gearing Up Mega Power 8 Servers For October Launch
The fact that IBM tried to give away their fab to GloFlo should say all that needs saying, as IBM obviously doesn't have enough confidence in POWER to modernize the fab. I have a feeling all IBM has left when it comes to PPC is legacy customers and they are probably already looking at exit strategies.

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Fuck off yourself because what they are doing is NOT competing, what they are doing is called Predatory pricing which if the DoJ hadn't been bought and sold years ago they would be dropping the hammer on them. this is NO different than Walmart coming into an area and pricing products below cost to wipe out competition and then fucking the consumer when they are the only game in town. its pure evil corporatism at its fucking worse and it fucks everyone but the corp in the end.

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No I'm always buried when I dare to point out the truth, that simple math will show that "let the devs handle it" is simply impossible. You have right now around 250,000 drivers out there for Linux, new hardware probably adds 3k-4k a month and you have MAYBE 500 kernel devs worldwide who have the years of experience in low level coding required to debug a low level driver...starting to see the flaw here? if you pumped the kernel devs full of speed so they did NOTHING but work on drivers 24/7 (and in reality the amount of time they spend on drivers versus the kernel is pretty low, probably 25% at best) then in a perfect scenario you'd have the drivers for a particular piece of hardware looked at by a kernel dev about once every 10 years for a max of 3 minutes! and this isn't even bringing up the facts that 1.- the kernel dev most likely won't have the hardware on hand to test, 2.- Will have little to no hands on exp with said hardware, and 3.- has little to no incentive to spend any real amount of time trying to fix a driver he/she will never need for hardware they will never own...see why it doesn't work?

THIS, this right here, is what royally pisses me of about the FOSSie faction, you can show them that something is fucking IMPOSSIBLE to pull off, its as much as dream as fricking zero point energy but as long as Torvalds or Stallman says its true? Well who you gonna believe, that lying math or the saints? I mean its fucking basic math, you have X NUMBER OF PEOPLE THAT CAN DO A JOB AND THE JOB IS GROWING BY X+Y*Z THEN THE JOB AIN'T GETTING DONE!!! Seriously how fricking hard is that?

The fatal flaw in both "let the devs" and "many eyes" is that they go by the assumption that because something worked once upon a time that it will work now while ignoring that the situation is VERY different. Both of those worked just fine, in the 1990s when the entire OS with DE and all the drivers could fit on a single zip disc with tons of space left over....that ain't been the case in over a dozen fricking years! Now the kernel alone is over 10 million LOC and the Linux drivers are in the tens if not hundreds of thousands, yet as we saw right here not to long ago because the kernel devs are a bunch of arrogant asses its become a "good old boys" club that is not only not growing but is stagnant...and they are supposed to keep up with ALL the devices and ALL the drivers and ALL the changes to every subsystem that could break said drivers AND fix them...really?

I'm sorry but there is bullshit, arrogant bullshit, and the "I can fart hard enough to fly to the moon!" completely unbelievable bullshit and "let the devs" is firmly in the latter by a LARGE margin, just ask these guys about the quality of Linux drivers. But because the fanboys are so fricking cultish about Linux anything other than "Gee Biff isn't Linux perfect? Why it sure is Bob, it cures cancer and makes rainbows!" is attacked and modbombed.

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by hairyfeet (#47739957) Attached to: The Tech Fixes the PS3 Still Needs, Eight Years On

Yes I do and they have never been more powerful or cheaper thanks to the AMD Socket AM1 chips, which just FYI is the same Jaguar platform used by the XB-One and PS4. If you use a Linux HTPC build like OpenELEC you can easily get one built for less than $250 although i have to say that HTPCs are frankly the only place Windows 8 makes sense, its large startscreen is a perfect 10 foot UI for HTPCs.

But unless you were doing VERY specialized code the OtherOS running on the cell just wasn't a good idea, the cell was just too specialized to use as a general purpose CPU. You'd be better off with a Jaguar quad where the entire system uses less than 65w under max load and if you use an SSD idles in the teens. And of course thanks to it being X86-64 you can run any flavor of Windows/Linux/BSD you want without needing a corp to approve.

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It doesn't matter as a core of the OS is being decided by POLITICS, oh and FYI but that PC World article? Its bullshit, its changed a grand total of TWICE in 20 years, from VXD to WDM, from WDM to DF, and you can still use WDM even on Windows 8. I have used XP drivers in Windows 7, that is 14 years of driver support, show me a video of you using a 7 year old driver without playing the make and break game and we'll talk.

If the core of your OS is decided not on its merits but by politics? Then your OS is doomed to become a punchline. BTW the zealots have been making the same excuses for so long that you can break down more than 90% of posts on any Linux article into just the same TMRepo memes, why? Because like Dems and Reps all that matters now is the politics, NOT the OS.

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Look up "Linux driver ABI" and you'll find doesn't exist. it doesn't exist NOT because its a bad idea (hint: every other OS has one) but because of POLITICS, because some of the hardcore zealots scream "ZOMFG they might not give us teh precious codez ZOMFG"...except most of the major corps ALREADY DON'T GIVE YOU THE CODE so it makes not a shitting lick of fricking difference!

So instead of having an easy to use interface so a driver can be written once and last for years (hell I have used 32bit Win2K drivers on 32bit Win 7 without issue) they will keep a throwback to the 1970s because of GNU-politics. Its sad but as long as politics takes a higher place than good OS design it'll keep on sucking. Again its not a FOSS issue, BSD has one and their drivers work for years, its a Linux issue. BTW watch me be attacked for daring to bring this up, its considered religious heresy to even speak of it.

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