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Comment: Re:"Great leap forward" (Score 2, Informative) 344

by Decibel (#33648370) Attached to: PostgreSQL 9.0 Released

The Feb 30 issue gets *even better*. For years I used that as a prime example of what's wrong with MySQL, so I was a bit disappointed when I found out they'd fixed it.

Then I discovered that Feb 35th is *STILL* a valid date! The only thing they fixed was Feb 30th and 31st!

MySQL clearly just doesn't get it.

+ - Happy Programmer's Day->

Submitted by
circletimessquare writes "Today is September 13, 2010, the 256th day of 2010. Last year, President Medvedev of Russia officially signed into decree this day as a professional holiday. So far, only Russia has an official Programmer's Day, but, since us programmer's control all smart phone and computer calendar applications, worldwide official recognition shouldn't be too hard to achieve."
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+ - How good software makes us stupid->

Submitted by siliconbits
siliconbits (943161) writes "The BBC has an interesting article about how ever improving software damages our ability to think innovatively. "Search engines(TM) function of providing us with information almost instantly means people are losing their intellectual capacity to store information, Nicolas Carr, said". This sadly convinced some journos to come up with wildfire titles such as "Google damages users' brains, author claims"."
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+ - SHAtter: iOS 4.1 jailbreak that will work forever->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Last week jailbreakers were warned not to update to iOS 4.1 as it was a trap. There was no legitimate jailbreak available for iDevices running iOS 4.1, so everyone was told to wait and see.

A day later a bootrom vulnerability was discovered allowing a new jailbreak to be created that could not be patched in software. This week that new jailbreak has got a name: SHAtter.

SHAtter is still in development, but will use the bootrom vulnerability. The most important news is that it will allow a jailbreak on all existing devices including latest generation hardware, and Apple cannot release a patch to close the hole. As it’s a hardware vulnerability Apple can only fix it on new devices it manufactures by updating the hardware, so if you already own an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, this jailbreak will work forever."

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Linux Business

+ - Lacking contributions of corporations to OSS

Submitted by
Sargun Dhillon
Sargun Dhillon writes "William Hurley, or better known as whurley, from BMC software writes about a town much like the open source world where no one gives back. As the open source community is exploding in size it is being taken advantage of some. Open source projects are being used by companies who adequately contribute back to open source, but there are a few evil companies which are not willing contribute back. This is only one more bump that OSS must pass over."

After Goliath's defeat, giants ceased to command respect. - Freeman Dyson