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Comment Re:Open? People break both open. (Score 1) 864

Exactly. The difference between to two is not THAT large. I am a total Apple Fanboi but a Droid user. AT&T service blows here. Anyway... In order to get the full Droid experience. You have you root your phone. Then Verizon does it damnedest to make sure if you load a new ROM it is a pain to find the SBF to restore it factory. Usually there is a few cease and desist letters then it shows up so many places they forget about it. Then, if you are unlucky enough to have the Droid X you get to also deal with eFuse and Verizon doing it's part to make sure only it's content comes across the HDMI port. Sorry, grass ain't that green in Droidland.

Comment Re:What is the point? (Score 1) 240

Yeah but when you live there is sucks. When I see those AT&T coverage commercials I SCREAM!!!! (well it is more for the wife since she has an iPhone)

Where I live I can't even make an AT&T phone call within 10 miles of my house, yet my internet is provided via Verizon Wireless Broadband.

I pray the iPhone come out on Verizon soon...

Comment Re:Mod me down (Score 1) 507

Umm I do not have an iPhone but at least 13 MILLION people do. They expect to sell another 15 million or so this year and I would bet on it if the 4G is released.

You may not like the "lock in" from Apple or the "lame" AT&T service but it is FAR from "crap" or "stupid". The iPhone DOMINATES the worldwide smartphone market.

The N900 has it own limitations the biggest being having to use AT&T or T-Mobile and large upfront cost.

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