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Comment How does Auto-Hop work? (Score 0) 578

Does anyone have any information how this works? I have a Hopper, and the last thing I recorded had commercials. Is it something to be enabled in the settings, does it happen automatically, or is there a button to hit to do it like the 30 second skip? I can't find anything when poking around the device, and googling it only brings up the lawsuit for me.

Comment Re:They got it all wrong (Score 0) 426

The removed it by the Consumer Preview. If you move the mouse cursor to the bottom left corner, a thumbnail of the start screen comes up. Clicking on that brings up the start screen. You can also just hit the Windows Key. I'm guessing on windows 8 tablets, there will be a prominent hardware home/windows key.

Comment Re:What's special about this version? (Score 0) 107

Have you tried updating to Android 4.0/Ice Cream Sandwich? the ICS Browser has many enhancements that seems to have been taken from the Android version of Chrome, like tabs. Its been fast and stable for me. If there isn't an OTA update for your tablet, there should be a good rom to use on xda-developers.

I use ICS Browser+ a browser built on the stock ICS Browser, with added functionality, like the ability to remove the normal menu and use a semi-circular "quick-controls" menu that pops up when you slide your finger in from the left or right side of the screen.

Comment Re:Thanks for the clarification Motorola, (Score 1) 294

Microsoft DOES do it, just not with Windows, but with the Xbox 360. When a JTAG exploit was found by free60, Microsoft fixed it just before they released the exploit to run homebrew and unsigned code. The fix? Use a new bootloader and blow a fuse on the CPU dye that was part of the old bootloader, nullifying the exploit. Unfair and shady? Given the possibility of a real brick if the dashboard update failed, you betcha. Illegal? Not so far as I've seen.


In The US, Email Is Only For Old People 383

lxw56 writes "Two years after Slashdot discussed the theory that Korean young people were rejecting email, an article at the Slate site written by Chad Lorenz comes to the same conclusion about the United States. 'Those of us older than 25 can't imagine a life without e-mail. For the Facebook generation, it's hard to imagine a life of only e-mail, much less a life before it. I can still remember the proud moment in 1996 when I sent my first e-mail from the college computer lab. It felt like sending a postcard from the future. I was getting a glimpse of how the Internet would change everything--nothing could be faster and easier than e-mail.'"

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