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Comment Re:How about chromebook (Score 1) 193

Second this. Absolutely maintenance free and easy to use if all they want to do is check email, Facebook and the web.

For the Chromebooks, I typically stick with Epson printers since they never seem to change and are well supported. You can pick up an Epson XP-420 usually cheaper than buying ink for a 5 year old printer.

As for the Chromebook, stick with either a big screen notebook or go for a chromebox/chromebase model and use their existing monitor or TV to use it.

Setup Chrome remote desktop so you can remote into it either by invite or on demand.

Also, as with any PC, make sure you install Adblock plus on the Chromebook. People do not understand modern ad's and they will get a scam phone popup or a malicious redirect if you don't. Not that it will do damage to the chromebook, but if you don't want to deal with that call asking if it's real or wanting you to scan the box for a virus that does not exist than Adblock plus is a must.

Comment DisableGWX (Score 2, Insightful) 288

First off, If there's no reason not to upgrade other than FUD, then they should update. 7 only has a little more than 4 years left and is already in extended support and windows 8/8.1 interface is crap vs 10. If they're worried about being spied on stay with a Local account and don't setup a Microsoft account. It will only take the same telemetry that they've been doing since the customer experience program in vista, which you can then turn off. That being said MS shouldn't have started downloading the OS on PC's without explicit reservations but even that can be disabled.

Easiest method to disable windows 10 from updating is to use the DisableGWX Policy setting. This site's Method 3 will walk you through setting the registry key. Microsoft Also has some other blocking methods as well.

If you just want security patches from that point forward go to windows update settings and uncheck "give me Recommended updates the same way I receive important updates"

Comment Re:/facepalm (Score 0) 426

This is getting out of hand. Every day I see one of these privacy articles and they all say basically the same thing.

It's reminding me of the Hysteria with Smart Meters. I just got one last week and searching about them online I found tons of sites telling me how it's going to give me Cancer, Hack my Router, Kill my Plants, Keep me up at night and Burn my house down.

I guess I'll have to make another story counter like the one I had to make for the Firefox .NET Plugin but i'm afraid i'll have 30 articles in it by the end of this month at this rate.

Comment Re:Sounds like an ad (Score 1) 316

I'm actually surprised Mail merge didn't doom OpenOffice/LibreOffice from the start. In office it's roughly a 6 step process to set one up using the mail merge wizard. in LibreOffice, depending on what kind of merge, is at least twice as many steps, with each step much more involved than the office steps. Also it uses LibreOffice's Database, which is fine, but it needs Java, Which I avoid like the plague.

I just wish that LibreOffice would adopt a wizard like system for the more complex features it has with the option to skip the wizard for more power user options. It would make my job a lot easier in the training dept.

Comment Okidata Hands Down. (Score 1) 223

Oki Makes some of the most open printers I've seen. Many of their laser printers still support older dot matrix standards (which just about every OS supports) as well as more modern standards like PCL and Postscript. You will pay more for them, but there isn't a printer manufacture out there with more open standards, and their Tech Support in the off chance you have an issue with the printer is second to no one.

If your OS support any Oki at any age, it will print as long as it knows what port to print to, Especially parallel and LAN. Hell, I've used 15 year old Okipage 8C drivers on modern Oki color lasers, Dot Maxtix DOS drivers on Monochrome lasers, Hell, I used an HP 4000 Driver on a Oki B430dn when the 4000 failed at a critical time and they still printed no problem.

I can't vouch for the latest printers, since I haven't touched an Oki since my last job, but Oki was the best decision I made there. We had B430DN's all over the place and they would outlast anything in their price class. We had multiple 430DN's with cycles over 120000 pages with virtually no issues. New aftermarket toner carts were as low as $20 for 5000-7000 imprints. The only issue I had with them was their drum, which had a 20000 Page cycle, and you had to buy an original drum at $150 since the referbs were junk and would grind up at 7000, although the printers new were as low as $130 so we just buy a new printer and you could usually reset the drum in maintenance mode so you could get another 20000-40000 out of it before it would artifact. Even with the drum costs in play at the recommended intervals the cost per page was ridiculously low vs anything in the same price class.

Comment Re:Logic need not apply (Score 1) 222

Like I said in the previous article, Proof aside, If Russia or China had access to the file store, they've cracked it by now.

A Large government (with virtually unlimited funding) will crack any commodity encryption scheme. Considering that it's years of your Adversaries Espionage data, It's priceless in the espionage world and spending millions of dollars on a decryption operation would be worth every penny. It wouldn't surprise me in the least that the KGB pulled a Bletchley Park-esque operation to decrypt the files and have been successful.

Comment Re:so... (Score 2) 351

Doubtful. They don't pay enough.

Apparently, the Mozilla foundation is in money trouble. They're baking ads in the new tab page. They switch to Yahoo cause Google won't pay them anymore. They "partner" with Telefonica to add Hello to Firefox, now they're "partners" with Pocket.

I'm guessing Firefox 39 will add Superfish integration to give me a more personalized web experience and justify it because it's already installed on millions of PC's.

Comment Re:How about driverless engines anyway? (Score 1) 294

Trains are complex machines. Most of the time, they work flawlessly, but things can go wrong fast. Broken knuckles between Cars. Car Derailments, Cars, (Ignoring the warning signals, Crossing the tracks, getting hit) Tornado, ETC. Youtube them if you don't believe me.

A human in the cockpit is going to assess those situations much faster than an automated system can in many of these situations.

You want to stop trains from speeding? screw the cameras, Put GPS in the engine (if they don't have them already), map the speeds of the rails to the GPS and don't let the train go over the speed limit the GPS (or Dead Reckoning if it's in a tunnel) says you should be going. Its been in Semis for years and it would take next to nothing to modify that system for Train engines with no change to the rail infrastructure.

Comment Re:Hell No Hillary (Score 5, Informative) 676

Totally Agree here.

You have to be Nuts and Stupid to vote for Hillary in 2016. Especially if you're a democrat voting in a primary.

She is easily one of the most corrupt politicians I've seen in recent memory. Hell, just looking at Wikipedia alone gives me these entries and I've probably missed a couple of them:

Whitewater Controversy
FBI Files Controversy
Travel Office Controversy
Cattle Futures Controversy
Email Server Controversy

The last one is the straw breaker. She knowingly hosted her Email on purpose so that she had full control over what people can see or not see regarding federal government correspondence. Her wiping the box when it was under investigation is no different to what Nixon did with the audio tapes and should disqualify her right there.

There are better presidential candidates out there. Hell, there are better potential democrat candidates out there.

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