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Comment: Re:So in other words . . . (Score 4, Insightful) 46

by Sloppy (#48159553) Attached to: Microsoft's JavaScript Engine Gets Two-Tiered Compilation

You say it dismissively, but the big thing lately is that Microsoft can play catch-up and is really trying to do it. Did you ever think you'd see the day? Starting around MSIE 9 they made huge strides toward becoming fairly normal, rather remaining forever obsolete, as a weird, special, anachronistic case. You never would have heard anyone say this in 2009 or 2004 but it now looks like a fresh Windows install might be able to surf the web, right out-of-the-box.

It used to be that if someone had problems and you found out their browser was .. well, they didn't know, but they said they just "clicked the internet" .. you'd tell 'em they need to get a browser, any reasonably modern browser. But I rebooted to do some testing just yesterday, and MSIE 11 does not suck. Seriously, I found more problems with Safari on Windows, than I did with MSIE.

Today's web browsers, in general, are pretty damn good. Even Microsoft can do this now.

Comment: Re:credibility of article is doubtful (Score 2) 564

by Sloppy (#48149715) Attached to: Lockheed Claims Breakthrough On Fusion Energy Project

From a certain point of view, they are huge.

I once read (*) that the full gamma burst from a thermonuclear explosion takes several seconds. (Whereas from a fission bomb, it's mostly over in a fraction of a second; the bigger-yield fusion bombs create a lot of temporary unstable shit that gives off more gamma rays as it decays over several seconds.) This led to me developing a nuclear war survival trick, which I will now share with everyone on Slashdot, even though I haven't tested (**) it yet:

If there's a sudden blinding flash in the sky, quickly try to estimate: does it look like a big one? If so, then dive for cover, preferably behind something big and solid, like a boulder or something like that. HTH.

(*) Wish I could cite a reference, but I'm lazy.

(**) If my trick is no good or based on misunderstood physics, you can make fun of me after the next nuclear war.

Comment: Re:Human laws? (Score 1) 385

by Sloppy (#48104175) Attached to: Chimpanzee "Personhood" Is Back In Court

IMHO that's an excellent way of looking at it. If the chimp can persuade reasonable people that he can be trusted to not do that, he has a pretty good chance of being treated as though he does have rights. And anyone (chimp or otherwise) who persuades people otherwise, might find themselves being treated as though they don't have rights. (Shame about all the communications problems and other errors that happen in that second scenario, but it .. mostly works. Mostly.)

Comment: Fileserver near the jack (Score 1) 279

One computer, the fileserver, goes at the "awful location." This is the one that runs all the bandwidth-intense stuff (deluged, sabnzbdplus, etc) so you get to slurp up data at high speeds.

The others, you connect to that as well as you can. They're mostly just going to be running video players or web browsers anyway. It wifi or powerline networking is the best you can do, fine.

Comment: Re:Self fulfilling prophecy (Score 1) 155

by Sloppy (#48092647) Attached to: Europol Predicts First Online Murder By End of This Year

The first "online murder" happened the day they put weapons on a drone

Wrong, it's way older than that.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were murdered online. You're worried about the network being used against us, but hundreds of years ago, SciFi authors already went meta and had the network be used to murder a part of itself!

Comment: Re:You Forgot One (Score 1) 425

by dcw3 (#48090133) Attached to: Former Department of Defense Chief Expects "30 Year War"

It is like Afgahanistan in the 1980's the CIA got the Afghan's to fight the Soviets. then the USA left which let an entire generation become jihadists.

While the CIA supported and armed them, it wasn't because they were coerced into it. You've heard of Charlie Wilson's war, right? It wasn't just a movie.

Comment: Re:I call BS on this one.... (Score 1) 575

by dcw3 (#48047997) Attached to: Obama Administration Argues For Backdoors In Personal Electronics

I'll grant you one point, that people who I would consider to be racist tend to be far right, and vote that way. Other than that, I see most of your argument as baseless. You can't drive a car, buy a beer, or take out a library book without ID, and one should be required to vote as well. That said, I know there have been some poorly veiled attempts to inhibit voting by blacks by a few jackasses, and those people should be thrown in jail. But the typical response from the left is that this is a coordinated party position, which is simply a thinly veiled attempt to spark more racial discord, and garner more votes for the left. There are extremists on both sides, that doesn't make it a party position.

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