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Comment Re:Why wound they radiate information anyway? (Score 2) 142

why should puny humans even expect to detect waste heat from an advanced civilisation? Surely it would make more sense to dump it back into the nearest star?

Excuse me? Of all the possible ways to get rid of heat, transferring it into a high-temperature object is the worst. You unload heat by removing it at LOW temperature. Second Law, and all that.

Comment Re:There's two options (Score 3, Interesting) 142

another mutual friend where he attempted to play the "i'm superior to you" card by switching into talking Russian.

I had a college French course circa 1961 with a prof who was convinced his shit smelled rosy, because -- of all the silly-ass reasons -- he could also speak Spanish. One day we were translating text from a French novel into English -- one of the simplest possible exercises in a foreign-language course -- and he turned to a student who was a recent refugee from Cuba. He said "Senor Hernandez, would you please translate the next paragraph into (visibly puffing himself up) "any language you please?"

The guy came back at him in Japanese.

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