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Comment already ruined (Score 5, Funny) 357

Dr Who has already been ruined. They may as well sell it for scrap now.
The latest season has been an utter disgrace.

I'm a big fan, I've seen every episode.
(those early black and white ones are pretty campy)

The recent episode about the fat bumbling idiot with the talking baby was the straw that broke the camel's back.
"herp a derp... I'm a fat moron, look, I walked into a wall and knocked over a display-case! hahahah, now my baby is making cutting remarks about me! Oh dear! aliens! oh dear, I've bumbled and stumbled into their grasp, how will I ever escape? Maybe if I really *really* love my baby the power of my love will make them explode! KABOOM! yay! it worked! *happily ever after*"
I haven't been able to watch it again since that day.


Man-In-the-Middle Remote Attack On Diebold Voting Machines 251

An anonymous reader tips news of a vulnerability discovered in the Diebold Accuvote voting system, which could be used to alter voting results without leaving evidence of tampering. Quoting Salon: "[T]he Argonne team's attack required no modification, reprogramming, or even knowledge, of the voting machine's proprietary source code. ... The team's video demonstrates how inserting the inexpensive electronic device into the voting machine can offer a "bad guy" virtually complete control over the machine. A cheap remote control unit can enable access to the voting machine from up to half a mile away. ... The video shows three different types of attack, each demonstrating how the intrusion developed by the team allows them to take complete control of the Diebold touch-screen voting machine. They were able to demonstrate a similar attack on a DRE system made by Sequoia Voting Systems as well."

Comment Re:Ack! (Score 1) 405

That doesn't create a fully secret ballot.
You can still look up who somone voted for if you obtain their hash number.

The day after voting day deliver your hash number to your supervisor or you're fired.
If you voted the wrong way you're fired.

Rummage through wife's purse to find her hash number card. She voted the wrong way? Beating.


Swede Arrested For Building Nuclear Reactor 410

An anonymous reader writes "A 31 year old Swedish male was arrested for trying to build a nuclear reactor in his apartment. He got hold of radioactive material thru mail-order purchases and from smoke detectors. Police raided his apartment after he had contacted the Swedish Radiation Authority (Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten) to inquire if it was legal to construct a nuclear reactor at home."

Comment Re:Rotational media (Score 1) 397

that doesn't look right.
you used MB where I think you meant GB (but that doesn't matter for comparison purposes)
It looks like you're using 1000 GB = 1 TB for your calc so I'll continue with that.

the LOT05 cartridge has a capacity of 1.5TB not 3
So the cost is $0.045 per GB

the LTO4 has a capacity of 800GB
So the cost is $0.031 per GB

The large tapes are more expensive than the sata drive but very close and certainly cheaper than I expected.
Of course they externalize the cost of the tape drives but the cost of that would depend on the size of your operation.
For a huge organization with thousands of tapes it is a small cost.
For a small org or an individual with say 30 tapes it is huge. To back up a 45TB collection (very large for an individual or small business) a $1600 (from newegg) tape drive would add $53 to every tape. So the real cost would be more like $0.081 per GB for the tapes.

Comment Re:What happens when the power goes out? (Score 1) 305

PSTN operates on a separate grid + backup power basis so that it works even in the case of a (normal) power cut. There's no reason that cellular or broadband networks can't be required to do the same and/or don't already do that.

Well, there are a few reasons they can't.
Basically, wireless networks can be battery backed but they can't be generator backed.
There are just too many cell towers and they are in all sorts of inaccessible places. In a power outage you would have to roll out and fuel thousands of small generators to the tops of office buildings, church steeples, hillsides... there's no way.
Just keeping 1500 small generators fueled and running for two days during a major outage would be a huge problem.
With the PSTN's copper network you can battery+generator back a half-dozen COs throughout the city which are dedicated buildings where you can have generators set up.