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Comment The experience! (Score 1) 467

[...] at home, where already for significant time the image and audio quality is more pleasant than in most public theaters, not to mention the comfort of having control over volume, play/pause etc., and the absent mob of other people

Not to mention standing in line, dodging the trails of popcorn on the floor before the movie had even begun, the lengthy commercials, those blasted 3D glasses.

All perfectly good reasons for taking my kids with me and gratefully spend my money on this whole circus. Plotholes and other nitpickings about the movie taken aside, I wouldn't hesitate to go again.

Comment Very unscientific move (Score 1) 418

So he's punishing scientists who have little or nothing to do with their nation's policies, regardless of whether those nations' policies are good or bad? Where is the logic in that? Luckily, scientists working in Syria are still allowed to use it. Also luckily, there are plenty of alternatives.

Comment The edge of human tolerance (Score 2) 488


We consider both dry-bulb temperature (T) and wet-bulb temperature (TW), specifically their daily maxima averaged over 6 h, denoted by Tmax and TWmax, respectively. Whereas the general public can easily relate to the concept of T, TW is not a widely used and understood concept. It is the temperature an air parcel would attain if cooled at constant pressure by evaporating water within it until saturation. It is a combined measure of temperature and humidity, or âmugginessâ(TM). Like all living species, human survival is partially a function of the environmental temperature. 35ÂC is the threshold value of TW beyond which any exposure for more than six hours would probably be intolerable even for the fittest of humans, resulting in hyperthermia. In current climate, TW rarely exceeds 31ÂC.

Comment From McAfee's campaign website (Score 2) 229

This interview with RT does a good job of illustrating many of John McAfee’s views: "This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated."

For a guy who got rich from making security software for personal computers, this sure is one major campaigning fuck-up, if you pardon my French.

Comment An utter climate denier (Score 1) 330

An utter climate denier, Freeman Dyson follows the footsteps of many Nobel Laureates gone bonkers, such as the illustrious Kary Mulis (invented PCR, denies HIV-AIDS causality), Francis Crick (discovered the DNA helix, denies HIV-AIDS causality, the hole in the ozone layer, AGW), Ivar Giaever (worked on superconductivity, denies AGW). Given their age, maybe they're getting senile?

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