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Comment: Re:Fuck Me (Score 1) 553

by DeVilla (#48816975) Attached to: SystemD Gains New Networking Features

And the "grab your recovery media" part is starting to worry me. No we bring up the binary logs. The format of the binary logs are not specified and may change with different versions. It was even sold as a 'security' feature.

So this means that if you want to read the logs on from your unbootable system from the recovery media, what ever you use as a recovery media better have the exact same build of systemd log tools or you aren't guarantied to be able to read them.

Comment: Re: Start rant here (Score 1) 156

by DeVilla (#48214757) Attached to: GNU Emacs 24.4 Released Today
OK. We'll point & click.

Options -> Customize Emacs -> Browse Customizations Groups

Emacs -> Editing -> Indent -> Indent Tabs Mode
press Option

In the new buffer...
press toggle
press Set for current session
press Save for future sessions

Surely that's no worse than what I've had to do to make various IDEs usable.

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