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Comment Re:LaTeX classes are one answer (Score 1) 148

Fully agree, I wrote two books with Lyx, turned them into epubs and published them in the Kindle store.
I did use Calibre though to turn the html produced by Lyx into an epub.

You can even read how I did in a document I wrote on the process at:

(Note that one advantage of making the text first in Libreoffice is the spell and grammar check :-)

Comment Dsync from Dovecot (Score 1) 177

A tip: Dovecot has a nice sync tool Perfect to get your email from different IMAP sources to your own system. It can also change mailbox format etc. Combine that with Dovecot itself to give you IMAP access and you have access. You can also use it to keep it in sync with an off site archive.

Dovecot does have full body search, but it is quite CPU intensive. No problem if you just run it for a few users and except that it may take a while on a large amount of emails. Not too great if you're hosting for lots of users.

Comment Re:no profit in patches (Score 1) 17

Hmm, I actually got a Cisco from my ISP and ended up buying a Netgear as the Cisco was too unstable.
The Cisco is a Docsis cable modem with built in wifi router. If you use your own router you can have the modem set up in bridge mode, which I did. Ever since the connection is stable. You have to call the ISP to have the modem switch to bridge mode. Funny thing is when I did, the person on the phone agreed with me that using my own router would probably be a lot better.
I'm sure I could buy my own Docsis modem as well, but for me that thing is now part of the internet, not my home network. So it is in untrusted territory anyway. As long as it works it is fine.

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