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Comment Re: Dump them as fast as you can (Score 1) 177

But this can be easily negated by just keeping a spreadsheet of what medical expenses you have had and keeping the receipts. You can withdraw the money for medical expenses at any time after they have occurred, even 10 or 20 years later. By spending with post tax money and saving the receipts you allow yourself a way to stash a large amount of cash that can be used in early retirement without any penalties.

Comment Re:Oh Great! More Central Planning! Just what we n (Score 1) 413

We first switched to all CFLs, then as LEDs have come down, and with local incentives from utility companies, we have been transitioning to LEDs. The first to be replaced were high use, and practical use ones, such as the lamp we use often in the bedroom, and the ones in the bathrooms where it can be a little annoying to have the light start dim and gradually get bright. For the most part during the summer we hardly even need lights inside due to our south facing windows.

Comment Re: Check your arithmatic (Score 1) 214

As a Mustachian I can tell you that this is the myth. It's not just choosing to live downtown but choosing to live close to work. I used to drive 30 miles through horrible traffic which took 1.5 hours. Now I moved to within a 5 mile radius of WinCo (groceries), Costco, Home Depot, the library, and, most important of all, work. I bike 3 miles in less time than it would take me to go by car.

Comment Re:user error (Score 1) 710

My main mode of transportation is my bicycle, as could have been inferred from my statement of a tank lasting a month and a half it basically gets driven only on the weekend. I'd like to switch to a more fuel efficient model but haven't gotten up to bothering with that.

I agree, it would be nice to have the underbody down better to increase aerodynamics. There's a guy who drives an old Ford F250 Diesel which gets something like 30+MPG because he's done those kinds of modifications.

Comment Re:user error (Score 5, Insightful) 710

I'm sort of the same way, not an environmentalist, just a really cheap mustachian. My average usage each month is about 200kwh and I live lasciviously, I know if I watched my usage a bit more I could greatly decrease this. As I write this I have a fan in my window blowing in and another in the window down the hallway blowing out and can get my house down to 66F at night, and then reach about 72F by the time I get home from work, but grant it we live in the Pacific Northwest where AC is hardly ever needed. We don't use our dryer but sparingly, and I ride a bike to work instead of driving because it seems insane to pay $300+ a month in gas PLUS the $1200+ a year in maintenance to maintain a residence 30 miles away. All of this is done not for the environment but because it's cheaper.

When I do drive a car I hypermile it. My 2002 BMW 525i gets 32+MPG which usually elicits a wide eyed "really?" from people when I tell them. A single tank of gas lasts me about a month and a half. We buy a lot of things used because I figure that buying it second hand will retain the value more than buying it brand new. My wife's wedding ring and her Longine watch were both bought that way, same as my trumpet and my car. Buying used keeps one from going to the dump and lowers demand on new ones to be made. (Of course the ring would have been melted down and formed into new rings, but it still applies to everything else.)

I also happen to be one who believes the scientific research and consensus that climate change is happening, and I wish it had more effect on my decision making, but for now being cheap seems to generally coincide with environmentally friendly. Most of this is from learning to want less shit that doesn't matter and to be perfectly happy living the very luxurious middle class life.

Comment Re:And what's that in metric? (Score 1) 353

It doesn't seem to be any different than traveling 250 miles per week, I get 25 Miles per gallon, therefore I'll use 250mi/(25mi/gal), 10 gallons of gas. I think it's more of whichever system we are used to using, once you figure out the equation is simply x miles traveled / mpg it's quite simple, I'd assume the same when you figure out x miles traveled * liters, then move decimal two places over.

I drove 250 miles, used 10 gallons, therefore 25 mpg. You drove 350 km, used 32.9L, therefore 32.9/350*100 = 9.4. Depending on the numbers I'd say the difficulty is about the same, pull out a calculator and there is no difference except you still have to account for the two decimal places.

Comment Re:gyms can be cheap... (Score 1) 635

I pay about $32.50 a month each for me and my wife at LA Fitness. We take Zumba classes there four times a week. If we wanted classes like that outside the gym it is about $3/person/lesson, which would cost around $48 a month. I have also paid for the membership to access any of their clubs so sometimes I can hit the one near work, other times we alternate between the two near our home.

Treadmills might fine for some people, but there is something to be said about group fitness.

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