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Journal Journal: Saturday Night is for Fighting 1

Or something like that... Could be for just sitting on your couch and drinking expensive beer. Maybe. It's, just that, well things are funky all over.

New job.

Was supposed to kick start my ass to do more. More adult shit. But, well that hasn't worked out at all. Though, now that my garage doesn't resemble Sanford and Sons, I think I can light up my heavy bag come morning.

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Journal Journal: Thursday is for Klytus 1

Do me a favor... put your makeup on in your home, not your car. Not on the 55 Freeway. Not in the fast lane. Thank you.
Tomorrow is Friday.
I got the cardboard and tape deck... you name the place and time. Poppin' Taco and Boogaloo Shrimp forever!
The number of Americans claiming jobless benefits fell last week and factory employment in the U.S. Midwest hit a 27-year high in March, more signs that an improvement in the labor market is under way...

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Journal Journal: Tuesday: retcon 11

Oh, I wish I had a Holy Hand Grenade.
I am hopeful (but realistic) that Sensation will come to the West Coast in 2012. When it does the kids go to Grannie's house and the wife and me are off!
The realist in me knows that Sensation won't work in the States... but I can dream!
Baseball in 2 days...
If I had a Holy Hand Grenade, then all of my problems could be solved - rather quickly and with a loud bang!
This is from my "holy shit, he's a com

Comment Re:i'll bite (Score 1) 4

Was posted without want of philosophical/religious discussion. I was simply posting about a co-workers over-zealous pseudo-rant about a former evangelical minister who was fired by his flock because he agreed with a recent book - by another evangelical minister - that floats the idea of No Hell. I thought "Gandhi is in Hell" is just plain silly... that's all.

It would have read better if I posted:

I missed Thursday... but, (according to my Evangelical Co-Worker) Gandhi (yes, THAT Gandhi) is still basking in the warm glow of eternal hell-fire.

I don't take things too seriously (on /.) as it's just a journal... of course, that could (and will) change if something motivates me, but I have enough serious stuff in the real world...

0 u t

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Journal Journal: Friday is for Jumping The Shark 1

Do you think John Travolta will ever make Battlefield Earth 2?
An update to Moonpie's nemesis, Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher: his podcasts are ok. Some parts are genius, laugh out loud funny, while other parts are clumsy and sometimes uncomfortably not-funny. Since they are free and IF you have the free time, I say download them and give them a listen.

Comment Re:All hail Odin! (Score 1) 10

The man did not make a bad song...

Cry To Me is amazing.
Everybody Needs Somebody to Love has been recorded a billion times... he changed it many times over the years. And of course the Blues Brothers used it in the 70s.

My personal favorite is Can't Nobody Love You. I've got a live recording from 71 or 72 that is simply magical...

I would start with the Very Best of... find what you like on there and then start picking decades... :)

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