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+ - Introducing a new Linux Kernel Archives->

Submitted by Dayofswords
Dayofswords (1548243) writes " would like to officially unveil are long existing parallel infrastructure. Since it's inception we've been concerned with total and catastrophic failure of our systems, and have secretly and quietly run a full and parallel infrastructure. Today, we have decided to lift the veil and no longer hide behind the security through obscurity. would like to officially announce Skynet. And for such an unveiling of such an important piece of our infrastructure I would also like to announce the generous donation from Google to help support Skynet: the purchase of an set of aircraft to keep in the air at all times, making the first flying datacenter!"
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Comment: Re:"microwave OVENS"? Nope, not a typo (Score 4, Informative) 82

by Dayofswords (#35541726) Attached to: Getting Past Censorship With Unorthodox Links To the Internet

it's correct actually

an American naval-intelligence analyst at a NATO cyberwar unit in Tallinn, Estonia, describes a curious microwave oven. Though still able to cook food, its microwaves (essentially, short radiowaves) are modulated to encode information as though it were a normal radio transmitter.

Comment: Re:Hardware needs to change DX is obsolete. (Score 1) 323

by Dayofswords (#35541638) Attached to: DirectX 'Getting In the Way' of PC Game Graphics, Says AMD

(super newbie programmer, merely guessing)
So rather than having to go to the CPU ask what's next, you just give the GPU data, package of commands(in form of algorithms, like the for loop) finish doing those then come back to the CPU for the next set?

i assume right now it's cpu does for, gpu draws, cpu does for, gpu draws
and what you want is cpu gives a package of stuff, gpu executes and draws

basically, have the GPU do some of the thinking

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