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Submission + - The Fascination With Tornadic Beauty

An anonymous reader writes: NASA calls them "twin tornados" (photos: #1, #2, #3), and due to the danger they pose to aircraft NASA is taming these dangerous, very impressive vortices. Smoke from a hot flare salvo can also reveal these tornados, also known as wingtip vortices, to human sight (photos: #4, #5). Their size, structure, longevity, and beauty have — as evident in recent posts at,, and — an aesthetic appeal on par with, and aside from, scientific interests (videos: #1, #2). (Interestingly, according to some wingtip vortices afficianados, the vortices can be noisy.) Then there's the tornado that cannot be tamed: it's the one that forms during severe weather, triggering within us helplessness, fear, and attraction due to its immense raw power, size, noise, and unpredictability. Sometimes courageous human beings with a video camera get up close and personal with this very violent storm, bringing footage back to us that spectacularly shows the beauty of the tornado (video: #3).

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