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+ - 4chan hit by DDoS->

Submitted by DavoMan
DavoMan writes: 4chan is currently down due to 'a large DDoS attack' according to a message posted on status.4chan.org at about 4am. No information is being presented as to who is behind the attack as yet. It is down for some and not others and has been this way for me for about a day now.
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+ - Assange removed from Time Person Of The Year poll->

Submitted by DavoMan
DavoMan writes: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been removed from the poll for TIME Person Of The Year 2010. You can see quite clearly on trprone.com's website that they contacted TIME about this, and TIME stated assange was on the list, with several thousand points. However if you visit the list of candidates, you'll find 200 people, none of them are Assange. The list is not a 'top 200' as the points clearly go down to a few hundred. Al Jazeera also has the story at http://english.aljazeera.net/indepth/opinion/2010/12/201012169312449462.html
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GNU is Not Unix

+ - Stopping Mac/PC flamewars with simple guide->

Submitted by DavoMan
DavoMan writes: If there's one constant in PC/Mac/Linux flamewars, its that the 'computery smart people' know facts but seldom understand the paradigms with which they argue. I have created a simple guide which actually explains (in human-terms), what the deal is. Covered are APIs, Microsoft, Apple, open-systems (whos GNU?), kernels (lin-who?) and Android. The information is broken down clearly as video or text, and serves to provide an actual understanding of what these systems are, and the true ways they are similar and/or different. Its aimed at all those guys who are 'good with computers' but were born yesterday.
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+ - Dominian Republic to ban 'comercial' child names->

Submitted by Weblord Pepe
Weblord Pepe writes: How would you like to have an illegal name? The Dominican Republic's Central Electoral Commission is attempting to ban 'unusual monikers' for children. Is this the first of trademark infringements at birth?
From the associated Press: "The Dominican Republic is considering a ban on unusual monikers following an increase in the number of names based on car brands, intimate body parts and other things. The names range from the bizarre — "Dear Pineapple", "Iloveyou Lover" — to the commercial — "Mazda Altagracia" and "Toshiba Fidelina.""

Surely you can call your own offspring anything you want, even if your taste sucks.

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