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Comment: Double-speak (Score 1) 254

by David_W (#47066439) Attached to: 5 Years Later, 'Do Not Track' System Ineffective

The timing of this amuses me, given what I recently saw on Yahoo. They've updated their privacy policy to say they ignore DNT. But since marketing types have to spin everything, they bill it as:

Thank you Yahoo for caring about my experience! :P

Comment: Re:I don't like the control it takes away from you (Score 1) 865

by David_W (#46925765) Attached to: Did the Ignition Key Just Die?

There have been cases when I want to move from 2 to 1 without turning everything off

Kinda repeating something I said earlier... In my Acura, the magic sequence for that is to put the shifter in Neutral instead of Park before pushing the button. That causes it to go to accessory mode instead of full off. (Not defending that... I think it is kinda silly, but at least in some cars a way exists.)

Comment: Re:It ain't broke (Score 1) 865

by David_W (#46925739) Attached to: Did the Ignition Key Just Die?

I would be very happy with a two position switch to turn the car off and on and a push button starter. All the single button systems have design issues.

Ah, someone else who has experienced the issue I have. The core problem with single button systems is they try to represent 3-4 states (depends on if you count cranking as a state), but a single button can generally only transition from one state to another, so is best suited for 2 states. So you get weird hacks like leave the shifter in neutral if you want to go from running->accessory, and then press the button twice to go from accessory->off, or having to hold the brake while pushing the button to start. I like being able to leave the key in my pocket, but a knob or multiple buttons seem like a better system than the single button most have now. I suspect Nissan is figuring this out; they had a single button several years ago; last year my parents looked at one and they've went to a knob in the place where the key used to go.

Comment: Re:The actual technical fault. (Score 1) 865

by David_W (#46925617) Attached to: Did the Ignition Key Just Die?

Other than keyless systems, all cars I've seen with start/stop buttons need the electronic key to be inserted in some kind of reader, and I would very surprised if those with keyless systems didn't have some simple way to stop the engine in case of emergency.

I've driven two cars with push-button start, my Acura and a Chrysler. Both have no slot; the fob stays in your pocket. I haven't tested it, but for the Acuras either holding the button for 3-ish seconds or pressing the button twice is supposed to act as the emergency stop.

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by David_W (#46886419) Attached to: Target Moves To Chip and Pin Cards To Boost Security

retailers- in the US, at least- are suposedly *prohibited* from checking ID

I don't have a link handy, so I'm going from memory here, but I think they are prohibited from requiring ID. They can ask, and that might be enough to ward off some folks trying to pull something, plus most legitimate people will show it. However, supposedly you could refuse (or lie saying you don't have it with you) and they are still supposed to run the transaction. It reduces down to largely the same thing in the end for anyone who knows what they are doing.

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by David_W (#46758393) Attached to: Netflix Gets What It Pays For: Comcast Streaming Speeds Skyrocket

During the summer months any usage over your average winter usage is charged at a higher rate

Are you sure? The reason I ask is this: They have winter usage monitoring where I live as well. However, the way it works here is during the summer, anything over the winter usage is assumed to be outside usage and hence not eligible to be billed against sewer usage (since outside water goes into the storm drains, not the sewer). So it has the net effect of lowering your overall bill vs. if they didn't have the winter usage concept. Not that I'd put it past a utility to work the way you say; just making sure you haven't been misinformed.


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