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Comment: Re:Question for those more knowledgable than I (Score 1) 139

by DavidYaw (#36980592) Attached to: Earth May Once Have Had Two Moons

The bottom line is that a 750 mile object of 4% the mass of the Moon, colliding at the far side of the Moon (as suggested in this article) would have had a very noticeable effect on the Moon's orbital trajectory around the Earth, providing an eccentric elliptical orbit, make it non-tidally locked, and most importantly would be sending the Moon on a spiral towards us, rather than away from us as we are currently seeing.

If the 750 mile object were in the same orbit as the moon, it would have the same orbital velocity as the moon. With a very small difference in velocity between it and the moon, it wouldn't change the moon's orbit much at all. Since the theory is that the smaller moon would have started in either the L4 or L5 Earth-Moon Legrange points, they would have had the same velocity.

Comment: For digital, a logic analyzer? (Score 1) 337

by DavidYaw (#33143858) Attached to: Oscilloscopes For Modern Engineers?

For CompSci, you'll probably be looking at digital signals more often than analog. Consider getting a logic analyzer instead.

I've worked with LeCroy LogicStudio 16. It's a logic analyzer that connects to your PC over USB. It does I2C, SPI, and UART triggering & decoding, and can capture 16 channels at 500 MHz. It costs just under $1000.

They've got the full application available on their website, it'll use a simulated device as a demo. http://www.lecroy.com/logicstudio/

Comment: Re:This is a stupid formula (Score 1) 624

by DavidYaw (#32644288) Attached to: California Wants To Put E-Ads On License Plates

My car has a built-in range check and its computer tells me how far behind I am behind the car in front of me.

...I have currently set the range check to start blinking warningly at 1.5 seconds or less. ...

What car has these features? Sometimes I check myself by timing 2 seconds, but keeping my eyes fixed on some feature on the road surface or roadside for 2 seconds isn't the safest thing.


+ - Parallels Releases WineD3D Source Code->

Submitted by something_wicked_thi
something_wicked_thi writes: Seeing as Slashdot ran the story about Parallels being out of compliance with the [L]GPL, I think it's only fair that they provide an update. On the very next weekday after the Slashdot story ran, Parallels, apparently, has released the source code. The Wine developers are verifying that it really is what they say it is. The Wine page provides a link to the sources, though it is temporary. It would be nice if someone could mirror that before it gets Slashdotted.
Link to Original Source
The Courts

+ - Former RIAA defendant wins countersuit

Submitted by
KingSkippus writes: "Debbie Foster, who was accused by the RIAA of sharing music on a peer-to-peer network and fought for a year and a half to have her case dismissed, has won a countersuit seeking $55,000 for attorney's fees. Ars Technica reports, "The industry cartel will have to tread carefully with any secondary infringement claims now that there is case law that owning an Internet account used for infringement does not automatically make the owner liable for said infringement. Attorney Ray Beckerman told Ars that he believes there are huge implications from this opinion. 'It sends a message to the RIAA... that there are consequences to this 'driftnet' litigation strategy.'""

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