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Comment: Re:No one seems to see the real privacy issue (Score 1) 136

by DavidRawling (#48356771) Attached to: Apple Releases iMessage Deregistration Utility
While it's true that it takes months or years for the number to be re-issued, it takes only an hour for it not to be your number any more after you change providers (or, in the US perhaps even area codes?) In Aus we have number portability between the carriers, which is nice when you pay for it - but sometimes you have to change numbers for reasons outside your own control. I trust (from some of the above comments) that this new tool handles what would seem to be a fairly regular occurrence, though the summary suggests otherwise?

Comment: Re:Just like "free" housing solved poverty! (Score 1) 262

by NewYorkCountryLawyer (#48265833) Attached to: Power and Free Broadband To the People

You know that you don't have to just add useless and uninteresting words to something that already had substance, right? At least borrow some quotes from Socrates' Dialogues to spice things up: There is admirable truth in that. That is not to be denied. That appears to be true. All this seems to flow necessarily out of our previous admissions. I think that what you say is entirely true. That, replied Cebes, is quite my notion. To that we are quite agreed. By all means. I entirely agree and go along with you in that. I quite understand you. I shall still say that you are the Daedalus who sets arguments in motion; not I, certainly, but you make them move or go round, for they would never have stirred, as far as I am concerned. If you're going to say _nothing_, at least be interesting about it, post anonymously, or risk looking more clueless / foolish. This is why the moderation system is in place, and mods typically don't listen to inanities like "Well said" when deciding on what to spend their points.

1. I'm too busy to sit around thinking up additional words to throw in so I can score "mod" points

2. The people I like on Slashdot are too busy to read a bunch of additional words I only threw in so I can score "mod" points

3. It's not in my nature to waste words, or to waste time

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by NewYorkCountryLawyer (#48265487) Attached to: Power and Free Broadband To the People

If other posts here on Slashdot are any indication, "Mr. Councilman" is just as likely to lose political points by supporting the poor.

Actually this particular councilman represents an extremely high-rent district--Manhattan's upper east side. I doubt there are many wealthier neighborhoods in the world. He's not doing this to 'score points', he's doing it to do the right thing.

Comment: Re:Just like "free" housing solved poverty! (Score 3, Insightful) 262

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It is my opinion that poverty is partially systemic. Our economic system depends on there being a pool of available workers (unemployed and underemployed). So as long as there is capitalism and a functioning free market, there will always be poor people. That being the case, we have a responsibility to make sure the basic needs of everyone are met. Increasingly in order to succeed in school and in life, Internet access isn't really a luxury.

Well said

Comment: Re:Just like "free" housing solved poverty! (Score 1) 262

by NewYorkCountryLawyer (#48264925) Attached to: Power and Free Broadband To the People

shutup. just shut the fuck up. you neither know you are talking about, nor have any valid point to make. its not about solving the digital divide any more than the housing thing is about solving poverty. its been widely and clearly shown that there is an increase in opportunity and outcomes between homes with and home without internet access. you're essentially complaining about improving someones potential opportunities to enrich themselves and make their life better and maybe even get out of that housing you mock. but again, you have no valid point, so therefore theres little sense in talking sense, like pointing out to you that without subsidized housing many of these people would be on street, homeless, increasing both crime rates and homeless and deaths among the impoverished. Theoretically we are a civilized nation. But a civilized nation doesnt advocate intentionally making it harder if not impossible for those most disadvantaged to improve themselves, nor advocate for them to die quickly and get out of the way.

Well spoken, bro

Comment: Re:Just like "free" housing solved poverty! (Score 1) 262

by NewYorkCountryLawyer (#48264907) Attached to: Power and Free Broadband To the People
The "digital divide" is a real thing. It's the difference between spoiled people like yourself growing up with a computer in your home, and inner city kids who have no computer access at home and have to wait on line at the public library to get a 15 minute time slot.

If you don't recognize that in this society those without computer access are at a disadvantage, you are as stupid as you are uncaring.

+ - Power -- And by that I mean Free Broadband -- To the People

Submitted by NewYorkCountryLawyer
NewYorkCountryLawyer (912032) writes "Slashdot member and open source developer Ben Kallos @KallosEsq — who is now a NYC Councilman — is pushing to make it a precondition to Comcast's merging with Time Warner that it agree to provide free broadband to all public housing residents in the City (and by free I mean free as in beer). Kallos, along with NY's Public Advocate, Letitia James, are leading a group of state and local politicians calling on Comcast to help bridge the digital divide in NY."

Comment: Re:5 or 8 port switch at the entertainment center (Score 1) 279

Sure - I could. But that's extra devices and usually extra power points at those locations (esp if you want any POE - I doubt there will ever be a switch that can be powered by, AND deliver POE at the same time). So it's extra devices to buy and support and manage which is why I decided against it. Having the extra ports doesn't stop me doing it in the future either.

The flip side of course is that a failure in one of the big switches takes a LOT of things offline and it's more expensive to replace. Not the VM cluster or servers - but about half the other devices (e.g. one of the WAPs, half the desktop points etc).

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by DavidRawling (#48117859) Attached to: Accessing One's Own Metadata

OK Telstra has to record the source and destination numbers of all the calls - right? Here's a sample record (not that drawing a table is easy so work with CSV here):

FromID, ToID, TimeStart, TimeEnd
0299999999, 0288888888, 20090617135834, 20090617140711

How would you like to determine whether the number 0299999999, which is not owned or operated by Telstra today, and which was not owned or operated by Telstra in 2009 either, was or was not an unlisted number at the time of the call? Because its state right now is completely irrelevant - the state at the time of the call is the important and relevant piece of data, and it doesn't exist. And the reason it doesn't exist is that this is a record designed for billing and cross-checking, not for customer view (if you're arguing against unlisted numbers in toto, you've never been stalked).

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I did this when I finally bought a place 15m ago. I went what I considered was pretty "nuts" on the cabling. Cat6A everywhere - 2 in every room except bathrooms, kitchen, laundry and foyer, 6 per room for the entertainment areas. 2 APs at opposite ends of the house, and everything terminates in a 6U cabinet in the garage (26 points total). The sparkie who did the cabling said he's just finished another place with over 50 points, similar approach to mine. So what would I do differently? Most rooms are fine. I find I could use more in one of the entertainment areas, but some of those devices are both wired and wireless (and if push came to shove, I would simply move a device to WiFi). I wish I had thought to put a couple of points near where the solar inverter will be, so I could run a Galileo or similar for monitoring - it'll have to be WiFi. But this gives me at least 1Gb with POE almost everywhere, and I can go to 10Gb if it's ever a requirement.

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Look I know it's a tiny thing, and I'm in the "don't like U2 so might have been annoyed" camp. But at least some of the reasoning behind the annoyance is that this has hit a stack of data caps / data plans on mobile devices. "It's only 100MB" you say. But if that's 1/5th your monthly data and you only had 30MB left on the last 2 days of your month - now you have a bill thanks to Apple. And where does it stop? "Here's your free 100MB download" is a possible annoyance or a great thing once. It's a royal PITA for lots of people if it starts being every month or week. Or what if it was a 1GB movie instead? Is that OK because the free 100MB album push was OK, and $producer paid Apple eleventy squillion bucks, and it's free so don't complain? Sorry, there's nuances here you're deliberately ignoring, and it makes your argument look like a baseless whinge.

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