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DavidMZ (3411229) writes "The Siberian time published a story about a large crater of unknown that appeared in the Yamai peninsula in northern Siberia.
Russian government has dispatched a group of scientists to investigate the origin of the crater. Although early explanations included meteorites and UFOs, Anna Kurchatova from Siberia’s Sub-Arctic Scientific Research Centre believes that the crater was a result of an explosion when a mixture of water, salt and natural gas exploded underground. The Yamai peninsula is known to hold Russia's biggest natural gas reserve."

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by DavidMZ (#47447713) Attached to: Chinese Couple Sells Children To Support Online Game Addiction

Doesn't China still have a 1 child law.

Not exactly, it depends on the number of siblings you have:
- if both members of a couple are single children, they are allowed to have two kids.
- if at least one of them is not a single child, they are not allowed to have more than one kid.

There is also the possibility to pay for the "right" to have additional children, and I think that you then also have to pay for their education and medical expenses (whereas those are free for the 1st child).

Actually, if you look at the demographics of China, the success of the one-child policy results in a quick aging of the population which forces them to revise this policy.

Source: My Chinese ex-girlfriend, when we were talking to have kids together....

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by DavidMZ (#46702729) Attached to: Isolated Tribes Die Shortly After We Meet Them
In the book 1491, Charles Mann tries to summarize the current knowledge on Pre-columbian Americas. Based on demographics and epidemiologic studies, he comes with a mortality rate for american Indians after encounter with European in the 90-95% range, which means that America before Columbus would have been very densely populated. Although there is a high uncertainty in this number due to the scarcity of data, the 80% of this study definitely supports the pre-Columbian values, especially if we consider the differences in access to medicine. And yeah, this is grim stuff.

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