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User Journal

Journal: Software Regulation 1

Journal by DavidBrown

Nagware. Spyware. Why are these not completely illegal? We have the technology. We just need the laws.

What we need is a set of software and internet "fair play" rules. A sort of bill of rights that identifies and makes illegal certain practices that are completely annoying.

Such as:

1. All spyware, except spyware a) with explict privacy disclosures and consent requirements; and b) which can be easily uninstalled with no residual leavings.

2. All modifications to Internet Explorer and other web browsers except as above.

3. webpage redirects, hijacking ads, pop up ads within pop up ads,

I'm sure that you can think of more, and I have to go back to work.

The point is that we need consumer protection legislationg for software and the internet, and we need law enforcement action against those who violate the rules. It's not enough to just prosecute people who write computer viruses. If you surf the internet unprotected, your computer quickly becomes burdened with a large number of programs that bog down your computer and provide information to others at your cost. This has to end, somehow.

User Journal

Journal: Extremism in Politics 1

Journal by DavidBrown

Interesting discussion yesterday. I mentioned in passing the new Anti-Kerry Vietnam War book, "Unfit for Command". I was instantly attacked by my coworker - the book is outrageous, and Kerry was a hero for even going to Vietnam, etc. I wasn't even allowed to mention that 1) I wasn't so sure about the truth of the book anyway; and 2) Kerry opened up the topic of his service in Vietnam by running his war record up the flagpole in his campaign and during the convention.

Why this this happen? Rosie is usually fairly reasonable. I think the answer is this: The left hates Bush so much and positively fears him getting re-elected, that a "pillage and burn" mentality is spreading throughout the left. I've known of this for some time, but I've never seen it spread to what I have felt to be the sensible wing of the Democratic Party.

User Journal

Journal: Moderator fear?

Journal by DavidBrown

Just a thought. Right now, I have moderator points. I seem to get them frequently, having maxed out karma, and I tend to moderate up, mostly.

But today, I saw a +5 Interesting post at the top of the Windows Media Edition review story, and thought that the simple "How much DRM?" question posed was way too non-interesting/intriguing, etc. to really deserve a +5.

So I thought to moderate it down as Overrated.

But then, later down the posts, I saw that there was a discussion related to the moderating of the first post, and someone proposed metamoderating as unfair any of the negative moderations of the parent comment.

So I chickened out.


I sure don't know. It's not as if high karma and the occasional mod points is important to me. Or maybe they are. Anyway, I wound up not modding the message down, even though it was, IMHO, clearly overrated.

Go fig.

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