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Comment: Re:Toronto Municipal Gov't divided (Score 1) 169

by jcr (#48472281) Attached to: City of Toronto Files Court Injunction Against Uber

There is a long, sordid, history of abuses associated with taxi and limousine services, tour buses and so on.

Of course there is. They can do that because government protects them from competition. In a free market, they'd have to clean up their act, or their competition would eat their lunch.


Comment: Re:Gruberology (Score 1) 22

by smitty_one_each (#48471783) Attached to: Kevlar Kandidate Kicks Himself
I'm sorry--when have I commented on anyone's spare time? I know I've commented on the total lack of academic documentation for #OccupyResoluteDesk, and remarked that he seems to be a decent father with a stable family life.
But I guess that would offend your Holy Narrative, so don't let facts trigger fretting.

Comment: Language revival bootstrapping (Score 1) 269

by tepples (#48469359) Attached to: Is LTO Tape On Its Way Out?

Yea kinda sucks when your language dies

That's why you need to include children's books and dictionaries in collection, so that future archaeologists will have an easier time learning the language. The illustrated children's books are for bootstrapping basic competence; the dictionaries are for building more complex meanings.

Comment: Middle East too (Score 1) 45

China would like to speak to you about paper [etc.]

Granted. And the Middle East has given us phonemic writing (rebus hieroglyphs), alphabetic writing (starting with the Phoenicians), place value numerals, and algebra. Thus we recognize Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East as sources of science and technology. But what comparable contribution has come out of Africa south of the Sahara?

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