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Comment Re:Intel's trolling us (Score 1) 235

They sold off a specific ARM-based product, one which doesn't get much press these days.

At the time Intel owned them, StrongARM and XScale were pretty much *the* mobile processors, alongside MIPS. Nothing Intel has done with ARM since has been done at the same scale and it'd debatable whether they've made anything viable with it.

I expect Intel still dabbles in ARM like Microsoft dabbles in Linux. They "do it", but there's not a whole lot of love, and you maybe don't want to get your core business too dependent on how they approach them.

Comment Re: What? (Score 2) 54

I'm really not sure how this was picked up for the front page, unless the new overlords are taking "pay-to-publish" submissions now

It has "Bitcoin" in the title. Of course it got picked up.

Don't you know the rules?

Every day, there's gotta be at least one Forbes submission make it up, one hackaday, one from whatever site itwbennett is pushing these days (I don't click those links), and one Bitcoin story.

It's like clockwork. Things are a little shaken up with week what with all the changes happening around here, but they'll get their groove back soon enough.

Comment Re:What year is this? (Score 1) 152

Well, fixed wireless broadband isn't *horrible* compared to some alternatives. I went from DSL to 28.8k dial-up for a few years and that was... well, I didn't worry about congestion from neighbours, that's for sure.

The only advantage of fixed wireless over DSL or cable is that I don't have to worry much about where I put holes in the ground; the only line coming onto my property that I care about is overhead.

Comment Re:What year is this? (Score 2) 152

You certainly could get something much better than DSL if your carrier could be bothered. That is your only choice because they have a monopoly or duopoly (which isn't really any better than a monopoly).

I have a choice of broadband wireless providers (two that I know of), or satellite broadband. Or I could use cellular service for the week or so before I maxed it out.

I suspect in a few years I might be able to get fiber, depending on what they're doing with those lines they ran down the highway at the edge of my yard. Unless they did that just to taunt me.

Comment Re:$40K still a lot for most folks (Score 1) 37

The difference is what can be done about it.

If the market decides that it's not important for people to have this, then the only way to change that is for the people who need it to somehow become rich. If the regulators decide people shouldn't have this, then the voters can change that. And if you factor in the increased independence and productivity of the recipients, it might not cost that much.

Of course the way we do it now is we force employers to make accommodations. That's better than nothing, but statistically the public is still paying; the burden is just randomly concentrated on a few unlucky employers.

Comment Re: should be interesting (Score 0) 323

No, there's no evidence that Assange has an STD. According to reports, the woman who was kicked out of Cuba on charges of being a CIA spy (who he foolishly screwed) raised the issue with the other women and encouraged them to go to the police to inquire. They regret being used like that, but Asssange still has the Bank of America CxO hard drive image, so obviously this would happen (he was warned that he'd be honeypotted with sex and ignored it).

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