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Comment Re:No (Score 1) 706

What does our education system already teach them - as long as you're answering questions correctly, you're doing okay? It's easy to put decent solutions in unsavoury words.

I don't think "doing things well results in rewards" is that bad a lesson to teach kids, and I'm a teacher.

Comment Re:Alternatives (Score 4, Informative) 428

A case of RTFA in this case, a careless untruthful comment on the summary.

"In a document from the Clark County prosecutor, he alleges she hacked his account, changed his password and posted things that involve slander about his personal life."

The posts weren't from her account on his statuses or whatever, it sounds like she actually went onto HIS account and posted slanderous things in his name (or at least, that is what is being accused). Sounds a little more serious now.

Comment Re:News Flash: (Score 1) 223

Mod parent up. I'm sorry, but if you can't find decent new music these days, you aren't looking. Besides, there's plenty of good rap. Saying one genre is terrible and is responsible for the downfall of music lacks imagination and is usually terribly wrong. Music is better and more varied than its ever been, and if you have exposure to anything other than MTV, you will realise this.

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