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Submission + - Huawei calls US "bluff"

mvar writes: Chinese telecommunications equipment supplier Huawei wants to clear its reputation and has asked the U.S. government to investigate the company for concerns that it poses a national security risk. The call for the formal investigation comes after Huawei saw a U.S. acquisition unravel after a government panel requested the Chinese company reverse the deal. Analysts say that Huawei's struggles in the U.S. have more to do with politics than real worries the company is a national security threat. In the past, Huawei has lost out on bids for contracts and was forced to abandon a $2.2 billion deal to acquire network equipment vendor 3Com due to the national security concerns. However, the security concerns seem to be inconsistently leveled at Huawei, because many U.S. companies also have manufacturing in China

Submission + - The 8 most dangerous consumer technologies->

Lucas123 writes: "Companies are responding to an increasing security threat from popular technologies with everything from bans and blocking to monitoring employee activity with sophisticated tracking software, according to Computerworld's Mary Brandel. "Consumerization will be a nightmare for IT departments, creating maintenance and support problems that will swiftly overwhelm IT resources, unless they embrace new approaches to managing the rogue employees," says one analyst. But end-users say their personal devices help with creativity and productivity."
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Submission + - New hybrid hard disk has 1GB RAM and its own CPU->

An anonymous reader writes: CNet has a digestable analysis of a new hybrid hard disk that has its own dedicated CPU, operating system and a gigabyte of on-board DDR RAM. The disk can sit alongside existing drives and SSD hard disks, and will be interestingly inexpensive.

"This new effort is aimed at desktop computers, and is essentially an amalgam of a smaller laptop hard disk, and 1GB of ordinary DDR RAM like that found in all computers."

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