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Comment Re:New news about Old software (Score 1) 92

It sounds to me as though you think nobody is affected by this. The study refers to phones that are already in service and at an age where many people are considering trading up to newer devices -- potentially falling victim to a huge privacy and security issue. I have an Android device right beside me that falls into this category. It never occured to me -- until now -- that the factory reset function could potentially fail to sanitize its data storage. T-Mobile is my carrier and there have been exactly zero operating system updates available to my device since 2013, so I don't get any of the fancy, new factory reset functionality that newer Android versions have.

This study's authors have done a terrific job in warning me of a privacy/security issue. Kudos.

Comment Re:Am I doing something right? (Score 5, Informative) 238

A good example of clickbait is a headline that intentionally withholds an important detail of what the article is about, while intentionally making you think it will apply to you.
An extreme example would be "Mass Murderers are Doing THIS to Hurt People Like You".

My favorite website for clickbait headlines is Here are some headlines I grabbed from them just now:

"Run this play, get a touchdown"

"He found this AFTER he finished his coffee"

"I'd have to do WHAT to eat that?"

"Stunned resident finds jellyfish in ..."

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