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Comment: Most recent bulbs still in package (Score 1) 278

by DaveAtFraud (#47412709) Attached to: My most recent energy-saving bulbs last ...

I've had a few of my older CFLs fail though but generally only after quite a few years. Duty cycle makes a huge difference. I just replaced two incandescent bulbs that were supplied by our builder almost twenty years ago. We just don't use those particular lights very often. I only wish I'd bought more cheap, incandescent bulbs before they were outlawed since they are fine for lights that are rarely used.


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I have little or no trouble with jet lag when I fly west. I have a lot of trouble when I fly east unless the flight is far enough that the jump is a complete reset. I'm in Colorado and flying to the eastern time zone is the pits. Flying to Europe on the other hand is not so bad.

That flying west isn't so bad is no surprise. I'm a night person so staying up a couple of hours and then sleeping in a couple of hours is my prefered schedule. Getting up early even for the shift to daylight savings time usually kicks my butt for a week or more and I don't even get a change of scenery.


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When I view the stereoscope images off camera, they "don't match" with regard to color. Just a slightly different hue but very noticeable. A 2D shot of the same scene matches neither of the stereoscope pair and matches the "real" colors.

Stereoscpic photography has been around for a long time. It just takes shooting the same scene twice but from two slightly different points. My family at one time had a 35mm film camera that had two lenses,etc and could be used to take stereoscopic photograph pairs. You needed a special viewer to view them to get the 3D effect and you burned twice as much film but it was really cool. The lenses were about as far apart as an adult's eyes.

How far apart were the levses on your 3D EVO? The twin lenses on the Thrill are only maybe half an inch apart. Don't know if LG had to resort to some other trickery to get 3D effects with the lenses that close.


Comment: Been there. Done that. (Score 4, Interesting) 68

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My old phone is an LG Thrill. Geat phone when it was released. Had a 3D camera so you could take 3D pictures. Reasonable 3D rendering ON THE PHONE. That's the problem. You could take 3D pictures but only people with another LG Thrill could view them in 3D. You couldn't even share just one of the two images from the stereoscopic image since neither image was actually "correct" when viewed alone. You had to view the 3D images on an LG Thrill. Dumb.

Oh yeah. It also had the ability to play 3D games. I don't play games so that was another useless feature. Also, I'm sorry but the idea behind 3D movies, games, what have you is to make the experience "immersive". It's really hard to feel immersed when you have this little teeny, tiny smartphone screen. Lifesized 3D on a wall sized 4K screen is immersive.


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I stay fit and will probably get a concealed carry permit at some point. Works for me. I also avoid bad neighborhoods.

Translation for the current discussion: If you're a corporation, straighten up and fly right. The best way to avoid being sued is to not do anything that would attract a law suit. Likewise, maintain/retain a legal team that is notoriously good (IBM and MoFo come to mind: the Nazgul eviserated the SCO legal team in a way that sends a loud and clear message of "don't mess with my client").


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Try mate, it is a fork of gnome 2.

Been happy with Xfce on the laptop. It's an old single core 64 bit Athlon CPU with 1GB of RAM so Xfce is a good match for it (light weight). It's old but sufficient when I travel to check e-mail, open a ssh session back to the server at the house, etc. I'll try mate on something a little beefier.


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